Should Bathroom Remodelers in Phoenix Consider Your Pipes and Water Supply?

Should Bathroom Remodelers in Phoenix Consider Your Pipes and Water Supply?Extra-large showers, multiple showerheads, and body sprays have transformed today’s shower into a spa-style feature within your home. Behind the rainfall showerhead and massaging shower spray is the plumbing and more importantly the water supply required to support it. That is why great bathroom designs are about the melding of aesthetic beauty with ideal functionality. When you start down the road of a bathroom remodel, it’s likely that you’re not thinking in those terms, but the best bathroom remodelers in Phoenix take the home’s existing water supply and pipes into consideration before starting a remodel project.

Clearly, what sits behind these design features is a plumbing system that must be up to the job to support your new fixtures and stand the test of time. Ensuring that the home has at least ¾-inch supply pipes coming into the bathroom for proper water flow may be a rudimentary consideration. Something that most homeowners don’t think about is ensuring that there is enough hot water capacity to fulfill the needs of a luxury spa tub without overtaxing the system and leaving the rest of the home wanting.

Not all bathroom remodelers in Phoenix will help you to take the number of water users in the home, the age of the home and therefore the pipes, their age and any past plumbing issues into consideration at the outset of the design process. By considering all aspects of how you will use the remodeled bathroom and how it fits into the rest of the home will ensure that your final remodel will meet your expectations for beauty and for functionality.

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