Factors to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel in Scottsdale


Remodeling a bathroom is no small feat. And depending on how extensive the bathroom remodeling plans are, there are a number of factors to consider.

Here are some factors to consider when working on that bathroom you’ve always wanted:

Think About How It Is Used

Before you get started, be sure to think about how your bathroom is used. Is it a kids’ bathroom? A bathroom just for guests? Or, is it your personal escape/spa sanctuary? For example, a master bathroom often has a different look to it – perhaps with a bigger tub or a larger shower, and customized closets. However, if it is a family bathroom, keep this aspect in mind when deciding on flooring, fixtures, paint and more. You want your bathroom to be beautiful, but also durable for the all of the regular traffic.

Things to Consider 

Let’s say you need to do a pretty extensive remodel job. Maybe it’s an old house, or perhaps it’s an original bathroom that has been the same for more than 20 years?

If the toilet and bathtub are older, they may need to be replaced. These are pretty big undertakings and unless you are a skilled contractor yourself, you should hire one. The work can be quite complicated. Plus, there are typically local building codes that have to be complied with when doing this type of work.

Plumbing Factors

One big consideration will be whether you want everything –the shower, the sink and toilet – to be where it currently is once the remodeling is complete. However, if you want the toilet or tub to be in a different part of the bathroom, this will likely require moving the pipes around to accommodate the changes. This is definitely a job that requires a professional plumber.

If the door into the shower, or the surrounding walls, are in such bad shape that they are no longer functional, they also will require replacement. You may have a combined set up with a shower nozzle in your bathtub so you would have to consider a tub and shower head replacement if both are in bad shape.

A Material World

Gone are the days when all floors are made of tile and all bathtubs are made of porcelain. Today’s materials, like stone and ceramic, are much more durable, easier to clean and typically do not have moisture problems. And special grout is now available to prevent cracking with frequent, everyday use. Bathtubs and showers come in a variety of materials, as well. Acrylic, for instance, is increasing in popularity – it is not cold to the touch when you step in and it keeps bath water hot longer. Its material also is light and works well in an upstairs bathroom area. Heavier materials, such as stone, are more appropriate for bathrooms located in the downstairs level of a home.

Consider the Big Picture

Don’t forget to think about how long you plan to remain in the house. If this is the home you plan to spend the rest of your days in, you will want to take that into consideration when planning your bathroom remodel. Keep in mind: As time goes by, accessibility often becomes an issue. You will want a bathroom that will continue to meet your needs as you grow older. Getting in and out of the tub now may not be an issue, but later on in life, it may.

Are you currently looking to remodel your Scottsdale bathroom? Wait no more. If you hire the right bathroom remodelers in Scottsdale to do the work, you should have your dream bathroom at the end of the renovation process.

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