DIY Bathroom Remodeling: The Pros and Cons

DIY Bathroom RemodelingWith the average cost to remodel a bathroom at a whopping $9,251, according to a recent study, it’s no surprise that today’s homeowners are trying their hands at DIY bathroom renovations.

And while the average homeowner can easily perform some bathroom remodeling, there definitely a level of risk you should be aware of before you reach for that tool kit. Carefully check out our list of pros and cons to ensure you get the results you’re satisfied with in the long run:


  1. Can save money in the short run. The main attraction of DIY work on bathroom remodeling tends to be the lower costs. It makes sense that homeowners would want to save any money they can on this type of project. In some cases, with jobs like tiling and painting, you can save money versus hiring a professional to perform the work.
  2. Work on your schedule. Depending on a number of factors, professional bathroom remodeling varies in duration. This can include factors, such as the individual contractor’s schedule and team size, as well as the magnitude of work involved. Yet, by doing the remodel yourself, you can aim to get the work done at times which are minimally inconvenient for everyone in your home.



  1. Can save money in the long run. So much of the work that professional remodeling companies perform when doing bathroom remodeling jobs can be a complicated, overwhelming combination of architectural design, electrical and plumbing experiences that they are typically licensed to perform. So while the cost of working with a remodeling company may seem high initially, the quality will outweigh your hesitation, and future expenses won’t be as frequent or expensive.
  2. Risky business. The risks taken by untrained homeowners performing a complete bathroom renovation are vast, and often can result in anything from requiring a contractor to lasting damage to the home. Thus, homeowners must truly understand what they’re doing before they engage in specific bathroom remodel jobs.

If you have reviewed our pros and cons list and are still unsure about tackling your project, let one of our experienced, licensed bathroom remodeling contractors in Scottsdale provide you with an estimate today.

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