Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling Budgeting – Part 1

bathroom-remodelingWho doesn’t want to do a Phoenix bathroom remodeling project that puts a spa in your home or turns your space into a private retreat?  But, this kind of remodeling often conjures up images of dollar signs.  A master bath remodel doesn’t need to be beyond your reach.  With proper planning, you can stretch your budget to accommodate your new space.

First, you need to know how much a typical Phoenix bathroom remodeling will cost.  Depending on the extent of your amenities, you can expect to pay upwards of $25,000.  But, the final figure varies greatly among different homeowner priorities.  If you have limited funds, you need to make sure your desires are in-line with what you have to spend.

The second step is to carefully consider your future.  In other words, how long do you expect to stay in your home?  If the answer to this question is a couple years, does it make sense to make a substantial investment now?  Plus, you won’t get the years of enjoyment an upscale Phoenix bathroom remodeling would provide.

Time Makes a Difference

Many industry professionals offer this advice:  If you expect to stay in your home for less than five years, you should focus on improvement.  You’ll want to only invest in those projects that will help sell your home and provide the best return on investment.

In addition, you need to compare what your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project will cost versus what homes in your neighborhood are selling for.  If your improvement will push your home price above the other homes in your neighborhood, you may need to rethink your project.

However, if you expect to stay in your home for over five years, you should focus on lifestyle amenities.  What will make you and your family most comfortable and enjoy your space to the fullest extent?

In part two of this post we will talk about the cost components of bathroom remodeling, how to plan for the unexpected and how to finance your project. Questions about Phoenix bathroom remodeling? Continue browsing our website or contact Republic West Remodeling today.


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