Green Bathroom Remodeling in Arizona Choices

You want to be environmentally-conscious in your choices for your bathroom remodeling in Arizona.  But, what can you do to make your bathroom more eco-friendly?

First, you need to consider what “green” really means and what’s important to you.  For example, you may find energy efficiency important, or using sustainable materials.  What about water conservation and health conscious options?  As you can see, several green factors require decisions.

Start with doing some research on your own before you hire a remodeling company.  Then, you’ll have an idea of what you want and don’t want included in your bathroom remodeling in Arizona.  Once you have made some choices, you can bring in an experienced remodeling contractor to provide further expertise and help for your green initiatives.

Eco-Friendly Options for Bathroom Remodeling in Arizona

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Arizona, many green choices exist today:

  • Energy Efficiency.  You can consider how much wasted energy is generated by your appliances.  For example, in-floor radiant heat remains warm after it’s turned off.  In this respect, it’s more environmentally friendly than forced-air heating.

In addition, you need to consider your warm water usage for bathroom remodeling in Arizona.  Demand or inline hot water heaters can save energy by only heating the water you actually use.  In addition, pipe insulation around bath areas helps prevent heat loss.

Plus, skylights allow you to use natural light and cut-down on electricity-powered lighting.  And, you can swap traditional lighting for more energy efficient CFL or LED bulbs.

  • Sustainable Materials.  Sustainability means a resource can generally be replaced.  Numerous materials for bathroom remodeling in Arizona qualify, including:

Floor and wall tile options are perfect choices for sustainable materials.  Examples such as clay and glass are widely available and easily obtained.  Other options include bamboo, which is a fast growing grass.  Cork is another example that’s made from bark and eliminates killing a tree.

For cabinets, you can also explore bamboo.  Wheatboard is another option made by combining wheat straw and a nontoxic binder.  For wood choices, reclaimed lumber or wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council provide sustainable choices.

You can also look to incorporate used materials to meet your sustainability goals for your bathroom remodeling in Arizona.  For instance, you might find a beautiful antique tub, vanity or light fixture.  Incorporating items like this not only provides a green choice, but creates an interesting space.

  • Water Conservation.  Even if you turn your bathroom remodeling in Arizona into a spa-like retreat, you can still save on water usage.  Simple things like using low-water faucets and shower-heads can make a big impact.  An air shower device can reduce you water usage by about 30 percent without losing water pressure.

Toilets are available in low-water or dual-flush models.  They allow users to select the amount of water they need.  Special water recirculation systems can turn your gray water into plant irrigation.

  • Trendy Designs.  Another thing homeowners forget to consider when they undertake bathroom remodeling in Arizona is how long their project will last.  Building for the longer-term is a green choice by itself.  The less often you change your bathroom elements, the less waste you’ll create.

So, installing a real trendy bathroom may be great for the near term, but become tired and dated quickly.  However, using classic design features along with quality construction, materials and fixtures, you can have a beautiful bathroom that will stand the test of time.  And that helps the environment and your budget.

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