Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling Ideas – Part 4


This blog post is the fourth of a 4-part series that will describe how to create a new and improved bathroom.


Expanded Space.  Some homeowners want to take their Phoenix bathroom remodeling to new levels by adding space and features.  Often people want to make their bathroom a retreat.  To do this, homeowners can turn to changes like:


  • Incorporating nature by using exotic, earthy materials like wood, stone and bamboo.
  • Adding more natural light with large windows, skylights and enclosed gardens.
  • Increasing shower areas with snail designs and seating areas.
  • Adding new features like a bidet, heated floor or sauna.



Finally, consider the placement of everything you have in your bathroom.  Will anything impede usage?  For example, can your kids reach towels in cabinets or on racks?  Can you move into and out of your bathroom space easily and without obstruction?  You don’t want your guests hitting themselves on fixtures as they open or close a door.


You’re making a significant investment in your home, so plan carefully!  Plus, you have to live with your end result, so take the time to make sure you’ll love your ideas once they’re translated into your new bathroom.



For more information about creating a new bathroom, contact Republic West.



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