Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling Ideas – Part 2

This blog post is the second of a 4-part series that will describe how to create a new and improved bathroom.


Creating Your New Bathroom


Once you decide why you want to undertake a Phoenix bathroom remodeling project, you can focus on specific ways to accomplish your goals.  Keep in mind that replacing components in your existing bathroom layout will be a fairly simple process.  However, if you’re changing shapes, sizes, locations or adding space, your remodel project will become increasingly complex.


Listed below are some ideas for creating a new bathroom space you’ll enjoy for many years ahead.


Floor Plan. It’s best to start with your bathroom layout.  Determining what you want in your space will provide a good indication of how complex your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project will be.


First consider the area your new bathroom will cover.  Are you keeping your existing space and fixture layout?  Or, are you moving fixtures and/or creating new space that will require professional remodeling skills?


Walls. Next, consider your walls one by one. Will your existing walls stay in place?  What’s on each wall and will it stay there after your Phoenix bathroom remodeling?  Or, will your bathroom layout create or remove wall space?


Look at everything affixed to your walls, like windows, doors, mirroring, glass block features, cabinets, artwork, etc. Determine how your new layout will affect each wall in your remodel project.


For more information about creating a new bathroom, contact Republic West.



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