Create a Work-Worthy, Amazing Home Office

Home OfficeIf you work from home, we believe you owe it to yourself to set up a functional, yet eye-appealing office space. After all, it’s important that you have somewhere to concentrate that is separate from your busy “home” life.

So when it comes to planning a home office, where should you start?

First, Choose the Right Space

Typically when you first start working from home, it’s not uncommon to set up an office in an obvious place, such as a spare bedroom or the basement. However, there could be a better area in your home. For example, if you only occasionally use your dining room or living room, consider setting up shop in one of those spaces.

Remember Your Corners

If you are going with a traditional desk set-up, then consider right angles. Use an L-shaped arrangement – with this method you end up creating two work surfaces.

Never waste the corner of a room: it’s an ideal place for a copier or printer.

Invest In a Comfortable Chair

Avoid using a backbreaking, ordinary chair. Consider an ergonomically correct office chair in a patterned or colored fabric instead.

You Can Never Have Too Much Storage

Let’s face it: a cluttered workplace can be an eyesore and overwhelming. The best bet for having a clear desk and tidy home working environment is to start off having a place for everything.

Designers suggest adding shelves above or next to your desk to gain more storage space and to reduce desktop clutter. You also can install open shelves or use a hutch atop your desk to increase storage space.

Additionally, consider solutions such as attractive storage boxes for random items that would look cluttered or messy out in the open.

Good Lighting Is Vital

In addition to your office’s existing lighting, invest in additional sources of light to make the workspace brighter.

For example, task lighting and a few smaller lamps for mood lighting can make all the difference. Remember: in addition to preventing eyestrain, light can improve your mood.

Tech Time

When you are creating your workspace, don’t underestimate how many electrical sockets you’ll need for various technology-related items. Invest in some decent, surge-protected extension leads that you can set up around the room to provide power where you need it the most.

Also, consider investing in a wireless printer, which can be kept further away from your computer.

Finally, think about investing in eye-appealing charging stations for small gadgets that will still look attractive away from your main desk area.

Whether you work full time from home, or just need the office for routine bill paying, creating a home office area that works for you or your family can help you get your work done quickly and efficiently. Contact Republic West Remodeling, the leading local contractors in Phoenix,

to schedule you’re a free consultation with on of our expert designers today.

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