Read This Before You Remodel Your Attic

attic-remodelHave you been thinking about remodeling your home’s attic? It’s definitely a great option to add valuable, additional space to your home without encroaching on your yard.

However, before you get started, be sure you know exactly what you are getting into when it comes to an attic remodel. Most importantly, you need to understand that any changes made must comply with local building code specifications regarding areas like escape-and-rescue outlets, floor load capacity and even staircase measurements.

With this said, smart homeowners should plan to get the attic renovation lowdown from a professional contractor who specializes in home renovation in Phoenix. Here are some areas to consider:

  • How will you use your new attic? If it’s going to be for additional living space, you’ll need at least a minimum of two exits. In an attic remodel, ideally these exits are the access stairway plus a window. Be aware: Local codes carefully define the acceptable dimensions of both.
  • Is it structurally feasible? First, is your roof supported by A-shaped rafters or W-shaped trusses? If it’s the latter, remodeling the attic and reinforcing the roof may be more work than it is worth. Also, speak with a contractor to assess your home’s structural strength and whether reinforcement is necessary. Don’t forget to determine the ceiling height and slope. Here, too, you will likely need to check your local building code.
  • Do you have easy attic access? If you plan to use your attic for more than simply storage purposes, you will have to switch out the existing ladder or drop-down staircase for a set of permanent stairs. Consider how much floor space this will take up, both at attic level and also on the floor level below, as well as how easy it will be to get people and belongings like furniture up and down.
  • Don’t forget about insulation. This is usually necessary for both temperature control and noise proofing.
  • Is there enough light and airflow? You might consider adding skylights or windows to brighten and ventilate the attic space.
  • Are your electrical and HVAC systems prepared? Once again, these areas are governed by local code. For example, your HVAC must be capable of heating the entire living space to at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit. For warmer months, installing a ceiling fan can help complement the air conditioning. It’s smart to consider installing a separate thermostat for the attic. 

Whatever form it takes or function it serves, your attic renovation should bring you joy—and the process of creating it should likewise bring a smile to your face. At Republic West Remodeling, that’s our goal—to make your home renovation in Phoenix as smooth and stress-free as possible. And it’s a goal we have met in creating amazing room additions for thousands of customers.

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