Four Design Styles for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

bathroom designIf you ask most homeowners, a bathroom-remodeling project is usually something they can’t wait to move forward with, especially if they’ve been dreaming about it for a long time.

If you are in the early stages of planning your bathroom-remodeling project in Scottsdale, you may need a little help. Here’s a quick introduction on four basic design styles to get you started.


If you’re attracted more to the French countryside than urban chic, you may want to consider a traditional design. Warm and inviting, traditional design is coordinated, yet comfortable and tends to evoke the look of old Europe. To accomplish this look, choose rich wood cabinetry, a natural color palette and maybe even a clawfoot bathtub to further enhance the traditional “feel.”


If you live by the saying that “less is more,” contemporary design is probably a good fit for your bathroom-remodeling project. Simple and sophisticated, contemporary design is all about clean lines and the minimal, yet selective, use of bold colors. To achieve a contemporary look, emphasize natural tiles with sleek fixtures and decor.


Do you love the idea of contemporary design but want to create a look that’s also cozy and inviting? Transitional design might be the look you are going after. Created by combining the best of traditional and contemporary design, a transitional bathroom can be designed to be relaxed, yet crisp and clean. You can work to achieve this look in your bathroom remodeling project by combining traditional design elements, like tile, crown molding and wainscoting, with contemporary-styled cabinets, decor and fixtures.

Funky and Eclectic

If it’s simply too difficult for you to pick just one design style, you might want to consider an eclectic design. This style can allow you to combine design elements and styles from many different time periods to create your own customized look and feel. And when done right, eclectic style can bring various elements together to form a seamless design. To pull off an eclectic style, mix and match pops of color with contrasting accent and design pieces to reflect your personality.

There are many ways to design a bathroom that is both functional and fabulous. Our bathroom remodeling pros in Scottsdale are experts at creating beautiful bathrooms that become like in-home retreats for our clients. Contact us today for details.

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