2016 Scottsdale Kitchen Remodeling Trends

kitchen-remodeling-trendsWhile it’s true that many kitchen trends come and go year after year, there is one thing about this much-loved room that never seems to change: It is the true heart of the home.

In fact, the kitchen’s versatile role as a place to cook and entertain, tackle school projects or to simply hang out is more popular than ever before, according to professional home designers and builders.

What are some of the Scottsdale kitchen remodeling trends we can expect to see this coming year?

Open Floor Plan

One of the biggest trends in kitchen renovation and design in 2016 remains the open floor plan. This can be attributed to the fact that the kitchen is truly one of the most social rooms of the home, and much of family life tends to revolve around food.

In many scenarios, open floor plans allow seldom used dining and living rooms to be blended into one large area with the kitchen. Individual, more formal tables are replaced with a single, casual dining area, complete with counter chairs or bar stools at a connected table or island.

Dual Work Zones

Increasing in popularity this year are kitchens boasting two sinks in separate, dual work zones, with a refrigerator often located between the two. The first zone, for everyone except the cook (i.e. helpers, casual cooks), includes the main sink, the dishwasher, its own counter space, and easy access to everyday dishes and glasses. A special work area for the cook, the second zone features its own sink, counter space, the cooktop and the oven.

Hot Kitchen Styles

In terms of style, transitional looks—somewhere between traditional and contemporary –continue to be popular choices. According to kitchen remodeling experts, many clients today are looking for a cleaner look with few curves and ornamental details. In keeping with a transitional feel, color palettes will continue to feature a lot of neutrals—grays, blacks and whites—with a white kitchen still the most popular option among homeowners.

Countertops and Backsplashes

Unique countertop and backsplash surfaces can give a kitchen a truly custom look. Materials like metal and stone—either natural or man-made, like Silestone—continue to be popular.  In addition, several trends are seeing an increased use of wood in dark chocolate brown hues.

For a post-industrial look, another trendy countertop choice is concrete. While shades of gray and earth tones are used most often, concrete can be offered in any color in most paint color charts.

Finally, also cutting-edge for countertops—and backsplashes—are hammered, distressed and textured metals in dull pewters and grays.

At Republic West Remodeling, we feel it’s important that every part of your kitchen remodeling project in Scottsdale be as unique as you are, and that your kitchen perfectly reflects your taste and personality. We will tailor the plans to your individual tastes and needs, so you get a totally unique kitchen created just for you.

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