Essential Colors of Southwestern-Style Design

Southwestern-StyleWhen it comes to Southwest interior design, earthy colors, bright patterns and a rough edge give this style its unique, rich, authentic feel.

Color choice is the most crucial component – it’s not always easy to strike the right balance to get the right look.

When creating a Southwestern theme in your home, be sure to consider earthy tones, such as brown and green, to give your home the look of the surrounding mountains and native plants. If you prefer bolder colors, go for the oranges, blues and pinks that make desert sunsets so spectacular.

Here is a peek at some of the fundamental colors of Southwest design, with ideas to inspire:

Deep Reds
Bold and bright, deep shades of red suggest the beauty of a desert sunset. Red is best used in wood furnishings, such as cabinets and tables, walls and textiles, such as blankets and throw pillows. 

Shades of Blue
Reminiscent of mountain ranges and sunny days, blue is one of the most versatile of Southwest colors. Best used in paint, pottery, furniture and textiles, various shades of blue can be peaceful, or exciting and vibrant. 

Bright and beautiful, like the stones often found in jewelry pieces created in the Southwest, turquoise is best used in woven textiles and accent furniture pieces. Pair turquoise with deep gold, oranges and reds for a bold, Southwest color scheme.

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Golden Yellow
Like a Southwest sun, shades of gold and orange can add warmth to a room. Gold is best used in woven textiles and ceramics, and pairs perfectly with various deep blues and turquoise.

Earth Tones
Ivory, tans and browns evoke the desert warmth, and provide a perfect backdrop for bold, color accents. Earth tones are best used in wall paint, floors, and wood and leather furniture.

Terra Cotta
A deep orange, like the rugged Southwest soil. Terra cotta is often used in tile and paint to create an earthy feel.

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