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Meet the Republic West Remodeling Operations & Execution team.

Unlike other Arizona architect and remodeling contractors, Republic West Remodeling employs many of the people who contact clients and actually do the work that completes the project. Our Operations & Execution team is no exception.

Upon the close of pre-construction, a transfer of detailed information occurs to the Operations & Execution team.  Each field manager receives a project manual that includes such documents as the contract and agreed upon change orders, a timeline, purchase orders issued and detailed scope of work.  This allows us to support the client thoughout the project as part of our concierge service.  All applicable drawings are printed and put in the manuals as well.  Each book has the daily job status tracking report, as described above.  It is the integration of a truly talented team that allows for a positive construction experience for our clients.

Aaron WeismanAaron Weisman
Aaron comes to Republic West Remodeling to join the family business after several years of practicing law in California. Aaron has a bachelor's degree from Arizona State and a Law Degree from Whitier Law School in Irvine, California. Through his time practicing law, Aaron always pursued cases that allowed him to advocate for his clients. It gave him an ideal background to help manage the vision of Republic West Remodeling. Aaron has done all jobs in the execution end of the business and now is a Senior Project Manager.

"I am 100% responsible for the execution of every project I manage. I function as the trusted advisor to the customer during their project's construction and will support, communicate, and advocate throughout the duration of their project. I will do everything in my power to ensure that each project executes to the mission and vision of our company. I am an integral part of the Dream Assurance Plan."

Ian started in the construction industry while in college and has been in the industry ever since. His responsibilities have been that of foreman, lead superintendent, project estimator, and has spent the last 25 years in varying roles within project management. Ian’s background along with his customer relations skills are a large reason for his success as a senior project manager at Republic West Remodeling.

"I take full responsibly for the execution of every project I manage. I'm here to support my customers throughout the duration of their project - I always make sure that I'm there for their needs during the course of project construction. I will do everything in my power to ensure that each project goes as designed - both for our clients, as well as Republic West Remodeling. I am proud to be an important part of the Dream Assurance Plan."

Jack Plemons
With over 30 years in the construction industry, Jack brings a wealth of experience to his role as Senior Project Manager and Senior Project Foreman. 

Jack is 100% responsible for all construction operations on the projects he runs.  With his extensive background, Jack is ideally suited to serve as manager and foreman many of the most difficult projects Republic West Remodeling executes.  Jack works with the customer through every phase, starting with a preliminary site visit before construction begins, through to the final completion of the project.  Jack performs construction activities as the Lead Foreman as well as coordinating Trade Partner activities on the project. 

"It is my job to be 100% responsible for the world class execution of every project I run. I am an integral part of the Republic West Remodeling Dream Assurance Plan."

julieChristine Yother
Christine Yother is the Remodeling Administrator in the Operational department of Republic West Remodeling. Christine's 8 years of experience in all areas of operations at Republic West uniquely qualifies her to support the efforts of this outstanding operational team.

“It is my job to provide all the support necessary for pre-construction during the planning process and the field operational team during construction, as well as all the support necessary to our customers throughout each phase.  I am at the core of information and excellence in my job is required if Republic West Remodeling is to achieve its mission and vision and execute to world class standards.  I serve the customer and I am at the foundation of our “concierge service” ensuring all products are on site as needed.  I am there for our team and our customer, whatever is needed, before, during, and after the remodel.  I am an integral part of the Republic West Remodeling Dream Assurance Plan.””

lisa rLeslie Weisman
Leslie supports all aspects of the execution process, with a primary focus on purchasing and expediting of materials needed to execute the scope of work.

“It is my responsibility to support my team and I will work to ensure that all products needed for a project are there when necessary.  I will not allow anything to hold up our goal of world class execution.  I am an integral part of the Republic West Remodeling Dream Assurance Plan.”

foremenSenior Foreman

Our 6 field foremen have a combined 122 years of industry experience.


"My job, first and foremost is to be an ambassador for the mission and vision of Republic West Remodeling and do everything in my power to make the customer’s remodeling experience “world class.”  It is my job to ensure that all aspects of the job contract and corresponding change orders are executed as efficiently and quality minded as possible, as well as maintain to the best of my ability the given timeline and I will accept 100% responsibility for this task."

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     "The Republic West Remodeling team ordered and obtained all relevant approvals, permits, material, and supplies needed to accomplish building our new additions. The worked magic for us completing the demolition and framing in record time."

- Kenneth & Patricia Kass, Chandler AZ

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