Marie’s Whole Home Remodeling Story

Marie’s Whole Home Remodeling Story

This fifty-something, married couple, self-appointed “Snowbirds” whose primary residence is out-of-state, previously owned a condo in the Phoenix area yet longed for something a little larger. After much searching, they purchased a 35+ year-old house that “needed a lot of improvements” to better suit their lifestyle. Continue reading …



According to Marie, the new house was “typical,” built in 1978, featuring a layout that included a standard living, and basic family and dining rooms. With no need for all three of these rooms, they wanted to transform the dining room into a well-lit, open, yet private, office space for her husband, and turn the living room into a dining room, to give the house a more “spacious,” open feel. In each of these rooms, the couple wanted to update the overall look with much more high-end selections. They also wanted to completely renovate the master bathroom, which Marie noted did not have a bathtub, something they both really wanted.

Other areas of concern for Marie and her husband included updating the HVAC, plumbing, windows and doors throughout the home. Finally, the couple wanted to install a new AV system throughout the house, boasting the most up-to-date technology available on the market, with an ultimate goal of being able to control these state-of-the-art functions from out-of-state.

Their biggest concern was to find a full service company they felt comfortable working with to over see the entire project, especially because they would be communicating from a distance throughout the process. Marie said they were initially referred to RWR by their neighbor, who previously worked with Jacque Richardson, Project Designer, on a whole home remodel. Jacque had also recently redesigned the neighborhood guard gate.

“From the very beginning of the process, Jacque, understood what we wanted to accomplish,” Marie said. “Jacque was so extremely meticulous that, in the beginning, I thought she was almost getting too detailed. But in the long run, and as we progressed with the project, we were so very thankful that she had such a knack for every little detail. As a result, there were very little, if any, ‘surprises’ along the way. She eased our minds, literally covering every aspect involved, from start to finish.”

Following the consultation process, Jacque provided 3D renderings and the couple approved the final designs, with a plan to work with RWR to build a beautiful, newly-updated, high-end kitchen, an open, spa-like master bathroom, a guest bathroom with updated finishes, and a newly designed, large office area featuring open glass, double French doors to keep it well lit and airy.

Marie said she enjoyed working with RWR’s interior designer, Kathy, who assisted them with selections and never “pushed her opinions,” but always took the time to listen to and “truly understand what we were looking for.” Marie said Kathy also offered up additional design ideas that “we may not have never previously considered, including more custom paint colored cabinets and ‘wow’ factor counter tops.”

They said they could not be more pleased with the final results. “At the end of the day, RWR did an amazing job and we got exactly what we wanted. Pete could not have been more helpful throughout the process. He worked in every possible way to give us a great home and do whatever it took to get the job done,” she said.

The couple said they are happy that RWR was able to communicate throughout the project to keep them informed and up-to-date. “We’ve had a lot of experience in building previous homes and understand that there are lots of problems that can occur when you hire the wrong contractor.”

On a final note, Marie said she and her husband were thrilled that RWR “took the job personally … that really meant a lot to us. Taking on such a large-scale project like this, you really have to ‘trust’ your builder. RWR made us feel that we could count on them throughout the entire renovation process, and they didn’t quit until everybody was happy.”

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