Helen’s Kitchen Remodeling Story

Helen hired us to remodel her kitchen in June 2015. She has a beautiful home in North Scottsdale and wanted this remodel to be special since it was likely her last remodeling project. Having done several remodels before, Helen was already very aware of the process involved in creating a great remodeling experience. That’s ultimately why she chose Republic West Remodeling.

Creating a bright, light and airy kitchen was of the utmost importance to Helen, along with maximizing her space for practical and easy-to-utilize storage. When we sat down with her to design her new kitchen, we focused on the look and feel as we found out we’d have something truly unique and beautiful to work with.

Check out the backsplash Helen chose for her kitchen:



The red onyx coloration is distinctive and gorgeous, and helped drive the overall design of the kitchen. Here are just a few of the features we incorporated into our kitchen design concept:

  • Small center island with a rustic, red hue
  • Off-white countertops and cabinets to draw attention to the backsplash
  • Under-cabinet LED lights to further enhance the backsplash
  • Inset-style cabinet doors for a sophisticated and authentic feel


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