Susan & Salil

Susan & Salil’s Bathroom Remodeling Story

Susan and Salil had a unique need for bathroom remodeling – their daughters’ glass shower enclosure exploded for no reason. Find out how we jumped in to save the day.

In late June 2015, we were contacted by Susan and Salil who had a frightening story to share. One of their daughters ended up going to the emergency room for stitches after the glass shower shattered! Thankfully other than needing stitches, everyone else was ok. But the shower needed to be replaced and that gave Susan and Salil the chance to remodel the girls’ bathroom.
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Prior to the accident, the bathroom was outdated and dark. Designed in the style of the 1980’s and with no windows, it was in serious need of an upgrade. Here are just a few of the features we incorporated into our bathroom design concept:

  • Two new windows and a new solar tube!
  • Glass tile vanity wall tiles with a custom linear integrated mirror
  • A large, tall storage area for towels and toiletries
  • Center console between the double sinks, with reed glass and drawers
  • A contemporary, clean, sophisticated design with a bright and spacious feel


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