Damian’s Home Addition Story

Damian and his wife hired us to do a home addition in 2015 and he was kind enough to write up their story and share it with us. And now, we’re happy to share it with you!

We recently completed an addition to our home in June under the expert eye of the Republic West Remodeling team. We selected Republic West Remodeling over several other bids due to their in depth knowledge, professional presentation and their ability to show us everything we would go through on the project.

Arthur Gambino patiently guided us through the design without trying to add unwanted or “extra” items that may plague the budget. He presented us with a very detailed overview of the final project sparing no expense to thoroughness of the contract. Art was a man of his word and the project came in as written and agreed upon.

Pete Limon then took the extra time to walk us through the granular items of the project, allowing for the typical homeowner questions and giving us ample time to digest the information provided. He physically inspected any areas of concern and brought initial calm to the start of our project. We walked through the building prints with detailed information and tied that back to the schedule and where we would have critical city inspections, you couldn’t ask for better over and above customer service and attention to detail!
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The very start of the project involved shutting off a portion of the house and yard areas. The team led by Jack Plemons made this seamless with little to no intrusion on the homestead that includes 3 large breed dogs. Thanks Jack! He came to be known as “Uncle Jack” due to the care involved in everything he did.

Demolition went very smoothly, no impact to the living area and dust was not evident as cleanup was constant on the work site. Framing and the mechanicals went along without issue. Weather was a factor in the beginning but Republic West Remodeling managed it well and stayed on schedule. Our City inspections were flawless and well managed – Uncle Jack was there each time to walk the inspectors through each detail.

Republic West Remodeling handled all the major items in a home project (structural load, framing, slab and footings, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation, roofing, tile, paint and trim work, windows and doors), they didn’t miss a beat! Our final punch list was very light as we didn’t have anything that was missed. The project ended on a high note as we came in on budget and schedule.

I can’t say enough about the Republic West Remodeling Team and the fantastic job they did for us. I would say to anyone looking for a professional remodeling company, they should certainly review all their options and in the end they will realize Republic West Remodeling will deliver a long lasting quality product that is budget wise and more importantly, done right and safe! I look forward to working with Republic West Remodeling on any and all future home projects!

Just a side note-Pete Limon and Jack Plemons made all the difference on this project – they have a customer focus and an eye for detail, it was a real pleasure working with them!


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