Linda’s Whole Home Remodeling Story

The family that renovates together, enjoys the results together!

Ever thought about buying a home with your family and working on a remodeling project together? That’s exactly what happened when one mom, brother and sister bought their home 20+ years ago and decided to finally renovate.

According to mom, Linda, the initial driver for the family’s remodeling plans was centered around their strong desire to change the flooring in their home from tile and carpet to more stylish, inviting hardwood. However, they also thought the kitchen space was simply too small for three adults to work in together when preparing meals. In addition, the old kitchen had very little cabinetry for storage.

Prior to reaching out to RWR, Linda and her family had a basic concept for their renovations, but didn’t quite know how to make everything come together. For example, even though the kitchen had been updated by an insurance contractor just a few years ago, the project was more of a fix than a remodel, so their dream kitchen had still been out of reach.Continue reading….



When they contacted RWR with their ideas, a designer came to the house and talked with the family thoroughly about their expectations.  “Shortly after, he came back with a 3D rendering design that totally exceeded our expectations. For example, where I had thought to only expand the U-shape of the kitchen, he totally reconfigured it to a much better working layout. We loved it.”

Linda added: “Our dining room was originally built with a bay window that made it tight for our table and chairs. So when we decided to renovate, we worked with Republic West Remodeling to expand the kitchen and dining room spaces, add on a new, more open family room, update our living room fireplace area to get rid of the 80s-style tile, and install new electrical to mount our TV above the fireplace.”

As plans progressed, the family decided they also wanted to have the entire home repainted, and remove the old-school popcorn from the ceilings in the living room and three bedrooms. Finally, with a bump out planned for the dining area, the family decided to add a deck above it (with a French door to access it), to be located off of the master bedroom.

The initial renovation timeline was set for three months, and Linda said her family was pleased with the schedule of “who would be in and when” provided by RWR. “They actually finished a week early (the flooring went really fast),” she said.

Linda and her family are very pleased with the final results. “It’s been over a month since our renovation was completed, and I must say we are thoroughly enjoying everything,” she said. “The kitchen is spectacular…more than we could have hoped for.  The quality of the cabinetry and the overall look of the kitchen, dining and living rooms are so rich. The fireplace in the living room is totally transformed. It makes our home look more expensive than it is.”

She added: “Every time someone comes over, they remark how much they love either the flooring, the fireplace or (and especially) the kitchen. Thanks to everyone on the RWR team for giving us our dream home.”  – Linda


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