A Whole Home Remodeling Story

Arizona Whole Home Remodeling Story

When this couple first purchased their 30-year-old house in 2010, they said that while the structure itself was in great shape, what the couple mostly fell in love with was the actual lot it was located on.

“It was an acre and a half, with an east facing view of the valley,” they said. “We made the decision that it would be our ‘forever’ home, and even though it had been renovated, we wanted to make it our own by opening up the space even more and creating a cozy, rustic atmosphere for our growing family to enjoy.”

The couple lives in the house with their young daughter and their dog, and are expecting another daughter soon. The couple are both news radio junkies, and first heard about Republic West Remodeling on one of their favorite news radio stations, KTAR 92.3.

During the first meeting with RWR, team member Arthur Gambino walked though their home with the family to get a genuine understanding of what the couple likes (and doesn’t like) in the style department, including their preference for a classic rustic theme, with a lot of rich, eye-appealing woodwork. Continue reading….



“This is the point when we immediately started to imagine the transformation that our house could truly make,” she said. “Arthur has an amazing talent of being able to envision the potential for space. He was able to take our personal tastes and lifestyle to create our dream home.”The family is “absolutely in love” with the final product.

“Every design decision that was made throughout the remodeling process is a reflection of our rustic style and personalities. RWR’s designers clearly understood our tastes very well and were able to take those details to design and build our personal dream home.”

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