John’s Whole Home Remodeling Story

John’s Whole Home Remodeling Story

John recently purchased an 18-year-old home that he resides in on his own. Unfortunately, with its abundance of small, passé tiles, absence of wood floors, and basic, wall-to-wall, beige carpet, the outdated house did little to reflect his unique personality and penchant for a more contemporary ambiance.

With a strong desire to make his new home a reflection of his modern style and taste, John enlisted the help of Republic West Remodeling to tackle a whole home remodel. Here’s how we helped give his outdated, house a completely new, contemporary look and feel:

John first discovered RWR several years ago when he was browsing in a kitchen renovation store. He had inquired about suggestions for local home remodeling companies and was referred to our company. This is actually the second home he has fully renovated with RWR and Jacque Richardson, Project Designer, was thrilled to work with John on another remodel!

With extensive discussion and a careful assessment of his main remodeling objectives, Jacque joined John on his house hunt to ensure that all his “must haves” could be achieved. They were able to find a house with great bones but every room and every aspect of the house was totally gutted and renovated. Continue reading….



“RWR has a team that works with you every step of the way in selecting everything from cabinets and granite to appliances and plumbing fixtures – nothing is too big or too small for their involvement,” he said.Jacque worked diligently with John to determine the scope of work and put a budget and time frame together. He added that RWR’s design team continuously eased his mind during this important phase of the process, helping to reduce the stress level that typically goes hand in hand with many home remodels.

“For someone who is more contemporary, stylistically, this house was as it was 20 years ago when I first bought it. I was beyond excited to begin the remodel process, and I knew I was in really good hands with RWR,” he said.

As they became further involved in the project, John said the team would periodically discover areas that went beyond the original scope and reexamined the financial consequences. “We also made any relevant timeline adjustments as we moved outside the original scope,” he said, noting that RWR was always willing to work within a realistic schedule that met his personal needs.

“The premise of the RWR business model is that they will take charge, yet also give you that much-needed ‘peace of mind’ along the way,” he said. “During the entire process, I always felt comfortable that when things did not go according to schedule, or if minor errors were made along the way (which can’t help but happen in major renovations), I rest-assured they would make it right.”

John said he is extremely happy with the final results, adding that his house now exudes the contemporary ambience he was hoping to achieve.

“The bottom line: RWR has your back during the entire house remodeling process … they are a team of comprehensive, caring, concerned and committed individuals, and they are always available for support along the way,” he said. “I believe that when you hire RWR, you hire them for life. They want to build a relationship with you. In fact, they quickly became my friends, and I know I can count on them both today and in the future.”

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