Planning Your Dream Kitchen: A Complete Checklist


Taking on any renovation project may seem intimidating to some homeowners, especially kitchen remodeling in Phoenix. From design layout and storage options to plumbing and lighting decisions, there are so many factors to get right.

At Republic West Remodeling, we advise homeowners not to worry; the kitchen remodeling process does not have to be difficult. The information in this guide can set you on your way toward a smooth experience.


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Chapter 1

First, Define Your Dream Kitchen Goals and Budget

Kitchen remodeling takes a well-planned strategy, commitment, and lots of patience. A good remodeling company will understand these requirements, helping you design and execute your vision for your dream kitchen with minimal stress.

Before you do anything, you must first decide how you want your new kitchen to function. Perhaps you have a growing family and envision the space as a busy centralized room in the heart of your home. Or, maybe you want a stylish, sophisticated space that serves as a space to entertain family and friends.

We suggest first assessing your current kitchen. What features do you like? What does the space lack? What would you change? Is the space too small? Do the current appliances meet your needs?

We also recommend considering questions, such as:

  • Do you like to cook, or do you view it as a necessary task?
  • Will your family dine in the new kitchen or another space?
  • How many cooks typically use the kitchen at the same time?
  • How do you typically shop for groceries? For instance, if you buy in bulk, do you currently have enough storage space? Do you have an inventory of your kitchen tools to determine efficient storage space?
  • Is the lighting in the room satisfactory? Or, do you need extra task lighting?
  • Do you store kitchen-related items in closets outside of the kitchen, i.e., china or crystal? If so, do you want additional storage for these items?

By asking these types of questions, you can more easily identify exactly what you want in your ideal kitchen space. The key is to thoroughly evaluate your current kitchen space, and pinpoint what is and is not working for your daily lifestyle.

Finally, along with thinking about the big picture comes the plan to budget for your kitchen remodel.

Whether you will be working with available resources or you need financing options, prepare the budget to make sure you stick within predetermined boundaries. Your budget will have a significant impact on the scope and magnitude of the project, as well as the price tag of the materials you pick.

Chapter 2

How Kitchen Remodelers Can Help Turn Your Dream Into Reality

At Republic West Remodeling, we gear each step of the remodeling process toward ensuring you are completely satisfied with your new space.

The process begins with an initial consultation and planning phase, where we brainstorm together and listen to your dream kitchen goals and ideas. This step is one of the most important parts of the process; we always take the time to listen. The result should be your dream, not the designer’s vision.

Following the first meeting, our team of professional kitchen designers will provide you with high-tech, 3-D renderings and design plans that allow you to see what we envision for your new space. We create these personalized visualizations to help you see your dream come alive.

As part of our team’s unique approach, we let you know precisely what to expect via a detailed, creative design process. We pay close attention to every detail of your kitchen project, from form, function, and color choices to products, quality, and much more.

Chapter 3

What Is On Your Dream Kitchen Wish List?

Next, it is time to think about the non-negotiable elements that are at the very top of your wish list. For instance, some homeowners may view a new kitchen as a chance to finally get their hands on a high-end range or sub-zero refrigerator they have been eyeing up. Or, others may want to include a stylish, plush window seat or an up-scale wine fridge.

Whatever is on your wish list, make sure that it fits with in your new kitchen space, as well your budget.

Chapter 4

Aim for an Efficient Layout

The layout of your new kitchen is a big decision. Often, professional remodelers suggest creating “zones” for food prep, cooking, and washing dishes. This approach can ensure smooth kitchen operations.

Additionally, consider the space between cooktops and windows, and between sinks and electrical outlets. For example, which appliances can sit near others? It also can be helpful to know from the start where electrical and gas outlets will reside for each appliance, as well as the drainage options for plumbed items.

Chapter 5

Figuring Out Your Style

This step is the part of kitchen remodeling that most homeowners find quite enjoyable. If you have spent any time glancing on Pinterest, Houzz, or any other home decorating website, you most likely have numerous inspirational photos ready to be translated into your dream kitchen.

Perhaps you are drawn to a style that includes eclectic, bold, and quirky ideas. It could be that you prefer a rambling farmhouse kitchen with a massive, rustic central table. Or, maybe you are drawn to a sleek, glamorous minimalist look.

Whatever your style preferences may be, be sure to keep referring back to your initial, planned layout to ensure that everything will fit. If your kitchen remodeling company needs to tweak any of the plans, now is a good time to do it.

Chapter 6

It Is All About the Details

At this point, it is time to start selecting items, such as countertops, sinks, and appliances. We suggest choosing any associated elements at this point as well, such as wall tile, paint color, and flooring.

It is also important to get your lighting right in your dream kitchen not only to generate a welcoming space but also to see with no issues while you are preparing food. Think about whether you want direct lighting over your work surfaces or perhaps you want more glamorous ceiling pendants, feature lighting in a toe kick, or sconces along the walls of the kitchen.

While it may seem overwhelming to have to pick so many things at once, by gaining advanced clarity around important details, you can prepare for the installation stage and reduce the need for any last-minute, stressful decisions later on.

Chapter 7

Create a Clear Communication Plan

Once you have signed on the dotted line with a kitchen remodeling company, you should develop a communication plan that identifies and clarifies the roles of all parties involved in the project. This plan should include ideal communication methods, typical availability, and the estimated communication frequency.

A well-defined line of communication between you and your kitchen remodeling team will keep everyone on the same page and can help reduce any potential misunderstandings. Most importantly, by receiving frequent updates on the progress of your dream kitchen, any feelings of stress about the project will be minimized.


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