Myles and Elaine

Myles and Elaine’s Whole Home Remodeling Story

Have you ever felt like changing the entire look of your home, perhaps to something a little more contemporary?

That’s exactly what Myles and Elaine recently decided to do to their three-bedroom, two bath, Southwestern-style vacation home. Continue reading …



Built in 1994, the couple originally purchased the house in 2005 as a vacation residence – their main home is in St. Louis, MO. Over the years, as the couple started to spend more time in sunny Arizona, they decided in 2013 to either move to a different vacation home, or potentially remodel the outdated house to better suit their contemporary taste and spatial needs.

The home’s original style and color scheme had the “typical Southwestern look,” featuring arched doorways, and a yellow and orange color palette throughout.

The couple decided to go the route of remodeling. In addition to updating the overall look of the house, the couple wanted to add a third bathroom to better accommodate guests. Finally, they had a strong desire to upgrade their backyard “to make it clean and maintenance-free,” according to Myles.

“I first found RWR by searching on Google. In looking at their website and watching the [client] testimonials, I found that one of their customers was an old friend and former work colleague who had relocated to the area,” he said. “I called him for a referral and he indicated he was very pleased with RWR.”

When RWR’s Arthur Gambino first visited the couple’s home, they shared photos from a new development in Scottsdale that matched the modern-style they were interested in achieving in their remodel. Arthur reviewed the photos and gave the couple a customized plan on how they could achieve that look. “Arthur told us it would require a complete remodel by basically building a new, custom home on the inside,” Myles explained. The couple decided to “go for it.”

The remodel was completed during the time the family spent at their primary residence in St. Louis. “We would travel back and forth to Arizona on a regular basis to meet with our RWR designer, Kathy, to pick out new materials, lighting and appliances,” he said.

Myles said the biggest surprise was the couple’s selection of material and appliances being “higher quality than was originally considered.” Despite the upgrades, the overall projected budget was close to being met.

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