Wendy & Jeffrey

Wendy & Jeffrey‘s Phoenix Home Remodeling Story 

Coming from the DC area, Wendy and Jeffrey moved to Phoenix when Jeffrey landed a leadership position at ASU. The couple carefully selected their new home in Phoenix for its prime location, open layout, and its remodeling potential. Though their home had beautiful landscaping and an outdoor entertainment area that would impress their guests, the couple felt that its interior needed some adjustments. They liked the openness and overall layout, but they agreed that a few of its elements were outdated, such as the large wooden entertainment center and its beige color scheme. 

Having gone through the remodeling process several times before, Wendy and Jeffrey intentionally selected a house that didn’t need structural remodeling. Instead, they had their hearts set on only making stylistic changes like installing larger door systems to bring the outdoors in, flooring upgrades new countertops, four bathroom remodels, master bathroom remodel and fresh paint for entire home. This made the desired alterations within their price range. The results transformed their house into a bright, airy, and inviting space in which the family felt confident to entertain. 

Working with Republic West Remodeling 

Wendy and Jeffrey knew from the start that they wanted to work with a full-service remodeling company. Therefore, they passed over other remodelers that did not provide full-service or sub-contracted the work out to other companies. They interviewed Republic West Remodeling because a trusted friend recommended them. They chose Republic West Remodeling because of the great experience their friend had and the excellent customer service.  

Arthur Gambino, Republic West Remodeling’s Designer, came to meet them for the initial consultation and they hit it off right away.  Another specialist on the team, Kathy Molnar, worked closely with Arthur to help them pick out critical elements for their new personal home’s design. 

Wendy and Jeffrey appreciated how Arthur was adept at reading people and understood what they wanted. During their first meeting, they discussed their likes and dislikes and the home’s potential. After the meeting, Arthur quickly went to work and submitted the first design proposal to for Wendy and Jeffrey. 

The couple loved the proposal, and the master plan called “The Blue Print for Success Book”. When they saw Arthur’s designs, Wendy said, “I don’t want to change anything!” They thought that the design proposal met their needs perfectly. Wendy and Jeffrey and were excited to begin the remodeling process.  

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The Remodeling Experience 

Before the actual remodeling started, Wendy and Jeffrey received their personal the Blue Print for Success book with a concrete timelines of when each remodeling task would be completed. This kept everyone “on the same page” and reduced the chances for any surprises or delays. Having done some remodeling in the past, Wendy commented that the Republic West Remodeling experience as is a step above. The couple had never worked with a company that provided so much detail and transparency. They were most delighted. 

The contractors stuck to the timelines as closely as possible. Even when some unexpected findings threatened the project’s pace, the Republic West Remodeling team was able to stay on schedule. In one instance, there was a delay while installing the wider and taller back doors. The existing structure was not up to code and our contractors needed to invite a structural engineer to ensure everything could be done safely. After they altered the plan to include good support beams, the project continued at a steady pace.   

The couple knew that remodeling has its unique inconveniences, but they were happy with how accommodating Republic West Remodeling was throughout the project. They felt that the Republic West Remodeling team made their comfort and privacy a priority. For example, the project team worked around their schedule and didn’t touch the kitchen, which was an area the family absolutely needed for daily living.  

The Project’s Details 

Entryway Remodeling: One aspect of the home that the couple wanted to change was the front door. The single door was replaced with a double door with more visibility to the front yard. The final results matched their modern tastes and brought more light into their entryway. 

Living Room RemodelingThey didn’t like the outdated look of the glass sliding door and large oak entertainment center. Therefore, they switched them out to doors that were two feet higher and with a more compelling and contemporary design.

The bulky entertainment center in the living room was removed and a new less invasive cantilever design row of white cabinets were incorporated in its place.  These two alterations created a brighter and more functional entertainment area.  

Bathroom Remodeling: They also wanted their four bathrooms to adopt a lighter color scheme along with the rest of the house. Our project team eliminated the beige paint and granite countertops and installed white countertops to make the spaces feel larger and brighter. The showers were upgraded and the overall look more compelling. 



The Results 

Wendy and Jeffrey were thrilled with how Republic West Remodeling stuck to the proposed timeline and budget. Having the design book, a clear vision, constant communication, and respect for their time and space made all the difference.   

They also loved how courteous and thoughtful the remodeling contractors were while performing their work. It wasn’t just about the big picture, but the little things as well. For instance, the couple caught the contractors at their best behavior–handing the family dog a treat to keep him happy! 

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