This North Valley Home Remodel is Gorgeous. The Process was Easy.

Anne and Andrew reached out to Republic West Remodeling on the recommendation of a family member after purchasing a home in Arizona. Their cousin had a great experience with Republic West years earlier.

Anne and Andrew had spent quite a bit of time visiting Arizona and loved it. Ultimately, they decided to move from the Boston area and live in Arizona full time.

They wanted to do some remodeling to the home they bought.  Having been through remodeling experiences while living in their prior home, they knew they didn’t want to be living in the house when the work was being done. They wanted the home renovation process completed before they moved out to Arizona.  To do that, they knew how important it would be to work with a remodeling company they could trust.

The Challenges

  • Finding A Remodeling Contractor They Could Trust

Anne and Andrew had purchased the North Valley home but had not yet moved from the Boston area. The remodeling would need to happen when they were far away. They had concerns about not being present to see the progress at different stages of the project.

  • The Kitchen

Anne is a retired personal chef, so their main concern was the kitchen. They wanted a redesign to allow for great workflow as well as a more open concept for the kitchen remodel.

It had a peninsula workspace that was closed off and boxy, which forced an awkward walking path though the kitchen from any part of the home. In Anne’s words, “It had an inconvenient flow. When you were working in the kitchen you were stuck there”.

There also wasn’t enough storage space and the appliances were not well placed for cooking and entertaining. They were looking for more openness and light throughout the kitchen leading into to the living room, and a great flow from the entryway to the back yard.

  • The Living Room

Anne and Andrew also were not thrilled with the living room. There were windows in an awkward place and the paint and lack of lighting also didn’t open up the room.

  • The Laundry Room and Guest Room

They saw an opportunity to maximize the usability of the laundry room and improve storage.  The guest room also had an opportunity to increase the storage without sacrificing the room’s layout.

  • The Office

Andrew wanted an office that would allow him to be effective working from home and one that would double as a music room that could prominently feature his musical equipment. There needed to be adequate space for working at his desk and for creating music. The built-in bookcase for the musical equipment needed to be custom designed for the size and weight of the gear.



The Design and Construction Solutions

  • Finding the Right Remodeling Contractor

Anne and Andrew checked online reviews and talked to 5 of Republic West Remodeling’s previous customers. They were blown away by the reviews and pleasantly surprised about how consistent the positive feedback was.

Jacque Richardson, the project designer at Republic West Remodeling, met with the Anne and Andrew early in the process and explained our detailed remodeling process from signing to final completed project.

She then walked the entire house in order to assist Anne and Andrew in assessing which areas made the most sense to make changes and get the most from their budget. An example was the creation of a focal point in the living room where the window and TV were. Jacque suggested a new ledger stone fireplace by in-filling the existing window and including floor to ceiling stone work to add interest and wow factor.

Based on the walk through and listening to the feedback from Anne and Andrew, Jacque then created a 3D model design for their new home that they would love.

  • The Kitchen Remodel

Republic West Remodeling created an open design with a large island to facilitate an open flow of traffic around the kitchen and into the living room while also creating an inviting path leading from the front door through to the backyard. The kitchen cabinets are gorgeous and add additional high storage and island storage.

Where there was a hutch, an entertainment center was added near the back wall to showcase their wedding china and drinkware for parties. The contrasting cabinet color gives the room depth and warmth. Anne shared, “We wanted it to look like a piece of furniture to display cookbooks, glassware and dishware”.

Anne explained that she loves the new double ovens as well as the placement of the refrigerator which is easily accessible from inside or outside the cooking workspace.  The island, with seating on one end, is a favorite space for everyday casual meals and affords a place for family and friends to gather while cooking is going on.   The kitchen, now open and full of space, allows their guests to move freely between the living room and the kitchen, as well as the outside without feeling closed in, and the island is a perfect spot to stage food when entertaining.  It has become Anne’s favorite part of the remodel.

  • The Living Room

Republic West Remodeling created a beautiful fire place where the old window opening was, with display shelving to each side of the fire place and the flat screen TV above. The living room is now a wonderful place to relax, watch TV and interact with others in the kitchen.

  • The Laundry Room and Guest Room

The laundry room was re-organized with a stacked washer and dryer to open up the space and allow for a big increase in storage. A utility sink was added to give the room more functionality. The room was painted, and new lights were installed to give it a more open experience.

The guest room had a large open space above the closet which was repurposed with additional storage in the form of light-colored cabinets and new paint to lighten and brighten the room.

  • The Office

Andrews office was designed to facilitate the way he works with space for a desk, bright wall colors to show off his guitars and a gorgeous custom-built wall for his amps and other musical equipment.

The Overall Remodeling Experience

Anne and Andrew shared that they chose Republic West Remodeling because of the easy design process, the detailed project management approach and the friendly, trustworthy employees.

Once the remodel began, Anne said that “Republic West made us feel like we were family despite the distance during the process. We were updated weekly with Facetime meetings and pictures.  Republic West was more than happy to have our local friends and family checking on the progress of the project regularly during construction”.

The process was explained each week about what was being completed and what they should expect. Anne shared that if they even had one hesitation about a certain detail during the renovation, communication with their project manager, Kevin, was easy and if necessary, adjustments or corrections were made.

She was impressed with the team who listened intently and always worked to deliver on what was promised and addressed any needs that came up.  An example she shared was the selection of the chandelier above the table. Anne went to pick it out online and talked to Kathy, the Interior Designer. She shared the size she was planning on. Kathy suggested she get a bit larger chandelier.

Anne said, “I thought it would be too big, but she was right. It’s looks fantastic. Kathy went out of her way to find the specific items and finishes we requested, plus more.” And then continued, “Jacque and Kathy always gave good advice.”

If Anne could choose one word to describe the process of her renovation with Republic West Remodeling it would be “easy”; the whole experience was just “easy”.  She continued, “It was like watching a home renovation show each week, except it was our house that was being worked on.”

Anne was excited to talk about the remodeling experience, sharing “It was everything we could have asked for, and more!” When they finally moved in and got to see their home for the first time, it looked exactly like the 3D rendered design they and Republic West worked out, but in real life.

After moving in and getting settled in their Arizona home, Anne and Andrew had a 2-day open house to show their friends and family their new kitchen and the updates throughout the home. Anne and Andrew love entertaining, and they are elated to have the new space to do so.

We are thrilled to have created Anne and Andrew’s dream home in Arizona.  Accommodating their lifestyle wants and needs and making it a reality is extremely rewarding.



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