Jeremy and Nadyas Major Kitchen Remodel


From Beige to All the Rage: Jeremy and Nadya’s Home Remodel Story

Jeremy and Nadya were experienced homeowners who knew what it was like to renovate a home. They had previously renovated a starter home themselves and had some help from a contractor on a second home. But when it came time to remodeling their third home in Arizona, they both had demanding full-time jobs, and needed to outsource the job completely.

Their latest home was built in 1994 and had never been remodeled. They purchased it knowing that the home’s white carpet, “offensive shade” of off-white and gold fixtures needed to be upgraded.

They called in Republic West Remodeling to complete their home remodeling project. In the end, we installed a new entryway door, completely redesigned their kitchen, and installed new modern flooring throughout their home.

“Could Not Have Asked for a Better Experience”

Jeremy and Nadya’s main concern was to achieve high-quality results for the budget that they set. After interviewing several contractors, they decided to work with Republic West Remodeling because they were impressed with our professionalism and our dream assurance plan, which promises transparency, timeliness, and honest prices.

Another factor that prompted the couple to choose our company was that they knew we were paying attention to what was important to them. We also came up with solutions for things they knew they wanted but didn’t know how to articulate.

Regarding the entire experience, Jeremy commented during our interview, “I really could not have had a better experience with a contractor. It was excellent.”



Here were the main points that Jeremy and Nadya wanted to fix.

  • The Kitchen: its look didn’t match their tastes at all. It had limited counter space, had a dated beige and gold color scheme, and had the typical 90’s wraparound build. The couple wanted to completely reinvent this area and make it more functional, attractive, and enjoyable. We ended up creating a second island, updated the cabinetry, lighting, backsplashes, flooring, and other aesthetic elements to make it look modern. One unique factor included suggesting and building a custom space for dog bowls in the second island.
  • Front Door: The original front door had an outdated paneled design and color. It was also weathered from years of use. To have the front door mesh well with the rest of the home, Jeremy and Nadya decided to replace it entirely with a dark wooden door with a shaker plank design.
  • The Floor: Originally, they had these floors stripped down to concrete, stained, and epoxied. Though the floors looked beautiful and modern, which is what they wanted, it got marked up and scratched more than they anticipated.  They consulted us to find a material that would be both durable with modern, and together we decided on grey porcelain tiles.

Making it Work While Working from Home

Jeremy and Nadya both work from home, so privacy was a concern with contractors going in and out of the home. As busy working professionals, they needed times of quiet and areas of guaranteed privacy to be at peace during the renovation.

Their designer, Stephen Yeomans, was able to coordinate a schedule to work around their needs. The project manager also arranged dust protection to make living at home safe during the demolition.

During the design phase, our designer Stephen Yeomans rendered the plans in full-color 3D to visualize the project from different angles. This software also made it easy to switch out different elements to show how another piece would work in the layout. He also produced detailed 2D cabinet renderings to make sure that everyone agreed on the design, and to ensure an accurate material order and subsequent installation.

Interior designer Kathy Molnar also helped the couple select the counters, cabinet hardware, and fixtures for their new kitchen. She was able to stick to their budget and assist them in selecting the right products by helping them narrow down to a few so they weren’t paralyzed by too many choices.

During the renovation phase, their project manager, Kevin Kimmerling, was able to coordinate a schedule to work around their needs. He also arranged for dust protection to make the living area of the home safe during the demolition. If an issue ever arose during the kitchen remodel, Kevin kept them in the loop and worked out a solution.

Here are the final results:



As you can see, the kitchen that once echoed the 90’s is now a modern, functional space for cooking, dining, and entertaining.

Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale

Jeremy and Nadya said that the best thing about their experience with Republic West Remodeling was that they felt like we respected their input. This is the core of what we do. We love to help people actuate their remodeling dreams and to make their home a place they are proud of.

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