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At Republic West Remodeling, we’re deeply proud of the more than 17,000 home remodeling projects we’ve completed since 1995 – kitchen and bath remodels, whole home remodels, room additions, and outdoor living spaces – projects that have added value and function to our clients’ homes.


Dining Room Remodeling Services in Phoenix & Scottsdale

The dining room: It is a special place where your family and friends can join together and share memories.

So why not create a dining room space that is full of warmth, and encourages your guests to linger long after you have cleared the meal from the table?

Create an Elegant, Comfortable Dining Room

It is not always easy to design a dining room space that feels fit for a special gathering or celebration, yet is still functional for daily living.

Because your dining room holds many special memories, it deserves a particular design. Our team of highly skilled designers at Republic West Remodeling understands this concept. We offer numerous dining room remodeling ideas to help you create the best space possible.

Striking a Balance Between Comfort and Elegance

It is no small task to remodel a dining area that feels special enough to use for fancy occasions while still being functional enough to be part of your daily routine.

However, with thoughtful, strategic planning, it can be accomplished. Use these dining room ideas as inspiration as to how you want to design this special space in your home:

  • Pick a neutral table. Because the dining room table is the most essential piece of furniture in the space, it is tempting to select a piece that makes a statement. However, rather than pick a highly decorative, ornate design, we suggest keeping your table neutral so that it remains timeless over the years. Pick a quality, well-constructed table, made of wood, glass, or even stone, that can give you the flexibility to switch up the décor of the room down the road.
  • Brighten your dining room with various light fixtures. Use numerous recessed lights or track lighting in your dining room to create a beautiful visual effect over the table. This approach also ensures that light spreads consistently throughout the dining room.
  • Use a rug as a focal point. Most homeowners opt to use the dining table as the focal point of the dining room. Adding a rug for color and texture can dramatically enhance the space. Make sure it is at least a few feet wider than the table on all sides to allow room for your chairs to slide in and out easily. Rugs also help infuse your dining room space with a sense of warmth and comfort, especially if there is hardwood flooring.

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The best way to go about choosing the right dining room remodeling professional is not just to hear it from the professionals, but also to hear it from the clients. Some of our satisfied customers have been kind enough to share their stories with you.

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Transform your home’s dining area into your dream dining room. If you are looking for a remodeling company that can help breathe new life into your living room, den or dining room, trust Republic West Remodeling.

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