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Find great home remodeling design ideas for all your home renovation projects including kitchens, baths, bedrooms, dens, outdoors and more.

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At Republic West Remodeling, we’re deeply proud of the more than 17,000 home remodeling projects we’ve completed since 1995 – kitchen and bath remodels, whole home remodels, room additions, and outdoor living spaces – projects that have added value and function to our clients’ homes.


Home Addition Estimate

Deciding to embark on a home addition is a great choice when it comes to creating additional living space for your family. In most cases, a home addition is much more economical than selling your existing home and moving into a bigger one. As a result, in addition to providing extra living space, more often than not, building a home addition is an excellent financial investment, as well.

Like any other type of renovation project, a room addition involves expenses. While some of these are par for the course, others are more flexible. Either way, it is always important to have a realistic idea of your overall room addition costs to ensure it works with your budget.

The home addition estimates we provide are based on an initial, in-person consultation, and are often dependent on the scope of the project, especially because every home addition project job is unique.

Financial Considerations

Several factors impact the cost of room additions. The size of the room addition is a primary consideration. Additionally, the type of room you have in mind, along with specific design details and features, will all have an impact on the price tag, as well. We are always happy to suggest ways to help keep the overall cost within your budget.

Depending on the specifics of your room addition, there also may be additional costs to consider. The extra square footage may affect your property taxes and insurance costs. Also, if you live in a private/gated community, there may be factors, such as HOA fees, to consider. We recommend checking with your municipality, homeowners’ association and insurance agent to find out what (if any) impact your home addition may have.

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The best way to transform your house into your dream home is to hear it from other homeowners that have previously added onto their house. In fact, some of our clients have been kind enough to share their stories and experiences.

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