5 Remodeling Ideas for Your Kitchen

5 Remodeling Ideas for Your KitchenThe kitchen is a critical part of a home. It is also an area where the residents’ personalities tend to be very obvious, as this space is where they spend a lot of time creating important memories—and also celebrating events that are significant to them. Visiting someone’s kitchen, you can usually spot personal items that are special to them, or items that provide clues as to their cooking or entertaining style.

When decorating or remodeling your kitchen, you have lots of opportunity to incorporate your own style and personality into the design. Here are some ideas that may help get you started:

Pick elements that have special significance. Rather than following the latest hot trend, selecting décor elements or accents that have personal meaning to you will ensure your space is totally unique. As a bonus, this will also help it last the test of time, as opposed to trends that quickly seem outdated. If you enjoy family gatherings at the beach, for example, including a few ocean-themed items can set the room apart in a personal way.

Choose one important signature item. If you can’t afford to go with an entirely customized kitchen, selecting one highlight item can often create quite an impact. This could be something as simple as, say, a farmhouse style sink or a cabinet door with stunning stained glass.

Go with a distinctive palette. Chances are, most of the people you know have kitchens that fall into a few very popular color schemes. If you want to fit in, going with those combinations is a safe bet. But if you want to stand out, opt for something less common. It doesn’t necessarily have to be shocking and bold—anything that is a bit more creative or daring will work. If you are worried about being stuck with a permanent decision, express your offbeat tastes with paint and other elements that can be changed fairly easily if needed.

Go retro. While everyone else is trying to jump on the very latest trend, you can take the opposite approach and choose to go classic. Think about the past period that seems to mesh best with your style and personality. The extent to which you include these retro elements will determine just how unique your space will be. Thrift stores and salvage yards are treasure troves for finding unique retro items.

Bring a piece of your favorite place. If there is a special place that’s close to your heart—or one you hope to visit someday—adding a few items native to that region will give you an emotional connection to the space, and will likely serve as a constant spirit booster.

No matter what ideas you have in mind for your dream kitchen, RW Remodeling can make it happen. We would love to help you brainstorm some creative kitchen remodeling ideas.

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