Tips on How to Hire a Home Remodeling Contractor

Today, homeowners have a number of choices for remodeling contractors. However, in addition to the endless varieties of tile and cabinets, there is also an infinite variety of untrustworthy remodelers from which to choose.

In fact, one out of every five home improvement projects that a contractor or company completed was considered a mistake by its owner! Such mistakes include re-doing work incorrectly the first time around, poor craftsmanship, and misspelled words on signage.

So what can you do? The answer is simple: hire a reputable home remodeling contractor Phoenix with an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Tips on How to Hire a Home Remodeling Contractor

Search for a List of Home Remodeling Contractors

To find a reputable home remodeling contractor, you will need to know the ideal qualities and characteristics of a professional home remodeling contractor Phoenix. For instance:

  • A good company or individual will have an established business history.
  • They will also offer free estimates, and insurance coverage should any accidents happen on your property while working there.
  • A quality contractor should also have no complaints filed against them with their local BBB and little-to-no negative feedback from past clients.

In addition, they must hold themselves to standards set by trade associations such as the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) and the National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI). A company that takes these kinds of precautions is more likely to have a reputation for doing quality work.

Get Familiar with Your Local BBB Before You Begin Researching Home Remodeling Contractors

The first step toward finding trusted home remodeling contractors begins with your local Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB offers customer reviews, the number of complaints filed against certain businesses, how those complaints were resolved, and other helpful information.

If you cannot find any data about the company or contractor on the BBB site, it would be wise to take measures toward further investigating them before hiring them for your project.

Are They Licensed & Insured?

In addition to the BBB, you will also want to check with your state’s licensing and insurance boards. This is one of the most critical steps in hiring a contractor. If they are not properly licensed and insured, they may take advantage of you and disappear with your money before completing any work on your property.

However, keep in mind that some states do not require certain contractors (namely construction managers) to be licensed. Therefore, it would be wise to get additional references from friends or family members who live nearby to ensure that their licensing information is up-to-date and accurate.

As long as the contractor has an A+ rating with the BBB, no complaints filed against them, and little-to-no negative feedback from past clients, they should be a safe bet for your project.

Get a Number of References Before Choosing Any Home Remodeling Contractors

When you attempt to narrow down candidates for your project, the best way to do so is by requesting references. A good company will most likely not have any problem with providing you with at least four or five names and phone numbers of past clients who can act as references for them.

Once you receive this information, call each individual on the list and determine whether they would recommend working with that contractor again in the future. If not, it would be wise to look into hiring another candidate; there are plenty to choose from!

Remember that asking for references is one of the most essential steps in hiring a contractor. If they are not willing to provide you with references, it may be because their reputation is not one worth considering.

Home Remodeling Contractor

Request an Estimate From Your Short List of Home Remodeling Contractors

When bringing up the topic of estimates with your shortlist of contractors, make sure that each one is offering free estimates.

If they try to charge you for this information (or even if they attempt to charge later on down the line), it would be wise to take your business elsewhere. Since their primary means of getting paid will likely start at least partially based upon how much money they can screw out of you!

While free estimates are always best, any contractor who has an A+ rating and complaint-free history should be able to provide you with a free estimate for your project.

Be Careful Before Hiring Any Home Remodeling Contractors During the Off-Season

If you are hiring any contractor during the off-season (specifically summertime), make sure that it is someone who has plenty of work on hand before starting any job with you.

While many reputable contractors will not refuse the opportunity to earn additional income, beware of any business owner who seems too eager or pushy about starting your job immediately. This may indicate that they are either desperate for money, cutting corners by trying to do too much work at once, or both!

Remember that remolded properties tend to sell faster than those without renovated features, so some contractors may be willing to take on more than they can handle to get the job done before any rival companies can complete an offer first.

Be Careful About Any Home Remodeling Contractor Who Attempts to Rush You Into Making a Decision

When interviewing prospective candidates for your remodeling project, it would be wise to avoid hiring anyone who tries to rush you into making a decision. This is yet another sign that they are desperate for work or do not properly value their time; neither speaks well for how good a contractor they will end up being.

Someone with an A+ rating and complaint-free past should not need to harass you about starting the job. If they do, they are probably not as dependable as you initially thought!

Make Sure That Your Home Remodeling Contractor Offers You Plenty of Options to Keep Costs Down

Another important factor that needs to be considered before hiring any contractor is their ability (and willingness) to keep costs down. Anyone who can provide you with multiple options for your project should automatically be considered the front-runner.

This indicates that they are experienced enough with new construction and renovations to give you an accurate quote on what it will cost before starting the job.

If they cannot tell you how much each option (such as using tile instead of carpeting or putting in a solid surface countertop rather than granite) will affect the final price of your project, they are most likely not worth hiring.

Tips on How to Hire a Home Remodeling Contractor

Require That Your Home Remodeling Contractor Provides You With Relevant References

What about their previous customers? Are they willing to provide you with references that you can investigate before making a final decision? Anyone with an A+ rating and complaint-free history should be more than happy to provide you with at least three references who are willing to vouch for their excellent workmanship.

If any contractor resists this request or says that they do not have any references, it would be wise to take your business elsewhere since there is probably a reason why they are not proud enough of their past clients to want you calling them.

Make Sure That Your Home Remodeling Contractor is Insured for Their Protection

Contractors are not legally allowed to begin work on any job until they have provided you with the appropriate information about their business insurance. So make sure that your remodeling company is insured under a general liability policy.

A contractor without this type of insurance is putting both themselves and their customers at great legal risk. So investigate why they may be unwilling to provide you with proof of insurance before making a decision.

The Bottom Line

If you use these time-tested steps when hiring any contractor for your project, it should go a long way towards helping you avoid the most common complaints that others typically file against them after they receive shoddy workmanship or services!

Do some homework before hiring any contractor, and it will go a long way towards getting you the home of your dreams without having to endure any hassles.

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