Master Bedroom Remodel Trends

Master Bedroom Remodel TrendsMaster Bedroom Remodel Trends

The appeal of designing a quiet sanctuary for relaxation is increasingly leading to a renewed interest in the master bedroom.

To completely relax and set the stresses of your day free, your master bedroom should feel like a peaceful retreat away from the rest of the outside world.

Before making any decisions about how you want to remodel your master bedroom, it is important to determine what you need this room to provide, and, in turn, customize it to your personal needs.

For instance, do you live in a busy home filled with family members of varying ages, and your master bedroom is a place for escape? Or, perhaps you need a cozy room with soft surroundings that helps you relax, and lulls you to sleep.

Whatever your needs may be, try to determine the amount of time you currently spend in your master bedroom, how much time you ideally would like to spend in it, and what you want to accomplish, such as rest or work, while using the room.

Here are a few master bedroom remodel trends we have observed over the past year:

Robust Color Choices

When it comes to master bedroom walls, our Republic West Remodeling design team suggest hues of navy, dark gray, and rich browns have been popular in 2017. These colors are all soothing, subdued varieties, helping to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Because bright walls make a strong statement, we recommend that your hue choice is not too bright or intense. If you like the idea of intense colors, but feel hesitant about going all out, consider touches of a bold color in the form of accent pieces throughout your master bedroom.

Light Up the Room

If your current master bedroom ceiling bears nothing fancier than a simple light bulb encased in a plain glass bowl fixture, it is time to remodel your light fixture. Today’s homeowners often opt for a statement light fixture or an eye-popping piece that livens and brightens up a previously drab bedroom. Our designers are seeing people pick everything from ornate chandeliers and oversize hanging shades to unique and whimsical sculptural fixtures.

Simplicity Reigns

The minimalist master bedroom has been trending for several years and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Stripping your bedroom down to the basics does not mean living in an empty shell of a room; it means eliminating clutter while surrounding yourself with items that bring you peace. This type of room commonly features a simple color scheme and furniture with clean lines.

Warm, Rich Metals

Silver, chrome, and pewter had their time in the spotlight. The latest preference has switched to warm metals. For example, shades of gold and copper are particularly popular. Many homeowners are also mixing metals in the form of a ceiling fixture or lamp, photo frames, curtain rods, or other personal collectibles.

Wallpaper, But Not Your Great Aunt’s Version

Wallpaper is better than ever and now popping up in master bedrooms around the country. Wallpaper designs today are bigger and brighter than the small, passé patterns you may recall from your childhood.

Consider covering one wall or all four, and select bold colors, textured wallpaper, or oversize floral patterns.

Check out our master bedroom design gallery to be inspired.

It Is All About You

At Republic West Remodeling, we commit to providing an amazing experience for homeowners throughout the entire master bedroom remodel process.

From creative design and detailed planning to execution and construction, our team adheres to a strict set of guidelines that serve as the foundation of our process. By ensuring certainty on cost, time, and quality, we ensure our customers never experience a nightmare project.

To begin the process of creating your dream master bedroom, call our design team now to schedule your complimentary consultation. We serve the greater Phoenix, Scottsdale and Valley communities.

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