Considering a Master Suite Addition?

Shutterstock 148009805Planning a master suite addition can be a bit overwhelming if you have never had the opportunity to take on such a project.

But if you chat with friends and neighbors who have experienced the process, they will probably exclaim that it is well worth the time and investment.

The key to a successful master suite addition is to make sure you do plenty of remodeling research before you dive in to minimize any potential frustration.

For starters, it is important to understand the difference between a master bedroom and a master suite addition. Prior to the design and layout phase, you may want to ask yourself if you struggle to find enough space for everything you currently have in your master bedroom.

Also, are your closets ample enough? Do you have a spot in your master bedroom to kick up your feet and relax? If your answers are “no,” then you should consider transforming your current master bedroom into a master suite.

Reach for the Stars

Master suite additions have become quite popular over the past few years. At Republic West Remodeling, we often have clients who have had master suites added to their homes tell us how much personal enjoyment they truly get out of the experience. We always tell homeowners that a master suite addition is a worthwhile project if you plan to remain in your home for a while.

Typically, a master suite resembles a small, luxurious, apartment or five-star hotel room. In addition to having a designated area for your bed, master suites also generally include a walk-in closet and an “en suite” bathroom featuring two sinks.

Many homeowners in Phoenix and Scottsdale also opt for luxury features, such as a private patio or balcony, radiant floor heating, a sophisticated bathtub, multiple comfortable sitting areas, a fireplace, as well as custom shelving in their master suite additions.

Advice From the Pros

Before you jump into planning your home addition, we encourage you to call our team of professionals. Our highly-skilled designers and builders are available to give you suggestions that can make your dream and vision more realistic to achieve.

Get the master suite addition you have always wanted by scheduling your complimentary consultation today! We proudly serve the greater Phoenix, Scottsdale and Valley communities.

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