Gold Canyon Remodel

After moving into their home in 1994, Ingrid and her husband knew they had struck gold.They fell in love with their home entirely, but over time, they decided it was time to make some changes. After first remodeling the living room, Ingrid decided that their kitchen and bathroom no longer functioned the way that they needed for their life. Their hope was to transition the features throughout that would helped in growing older. The discussion with their children led them to looking at ways to incorporate higher toilets, grab bars, night lights, etc.

When they were looking at remodeling companies, three of their friends recommended Republic West Remodeling after completing their own projects. Arthur, the designer from Republic West Remodeling, came out 2-3 times to talk through the process with them both. He also made sure to bring out a designer from Tucson that would continue to aid in making their dream home a reality. Ingrid and her husband had certain ideas in their head, like the stovetop being placed against the wall, but looked to the Republic West Remodeling team for suggestions.

Once the project began, the couple moved across the street.Over the four months it took to complete their project, Ingrid saw that the process working with the contractors was fairly easy. They were detailed in their work and helped to take ideas into consideration. When it finally came time to move back into the space, they found it to be a bit overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. Ingrid was able to put things into new places and continue to find the exact spot she wanted the items to belong. Through this process, Ingrid and her husband have also began decluttering their home to go with their new space.

At the end of the remodel, Ingrid’s husband stated “I’m excited about the new space and feel like we don’t need to move. We can commit to living here longer.”

When asked about their total experience with Republic West Remodeling, Ingrid said “I do think, if you’ve never done it before, you need to do it with a company like Republic West Remodeling. The resources available out there can be slim and a company like Republic West Remodeling can help tremendously.”


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