How to Find the Best Remodeling Contractors

Scottsdale Remodeling ContractorHere are several tips from our team of home remodelers for finding the best remodeling contractors for your next project:

1.    Check Their Portfolio. When you embark on a major remodeling project, you want to see that your contractor has completed previous remodeling jobs that reflect the kind of changes that you want to make in your own home. If you’re not quite sure, then it’s important to proceed with caution and select a remodeling contractor that does. We suggest checking out any contractor’s past work to determine if they will be delivering the type of quality that you want in a job.

2.    Are They Established? Obviously, you know you want someone with the experience to get the job done. Unfortunately, some remodeling contractors today don’t have an established presence in the remodeling community. With this said, the best way to ensure that they’re going to do a good job is to make sure their reputation is on the line. What does this mean? If they’re not established, then they likely do not have anything to lose by doing a sloppy, sub-par job. Another sign is to confirm if they have a permanent mailing address, website or customer reviews online. These are all good indicators to see if a contractor is established enough for you to entrust with your project.

3.    Interview Them. It makes sense: If you’re hiring someone to do a job, you should interview them for that job. During the interview, ask to see how well they communicate with you. After all, keeping communication lines open is the best way to ensure that a remodeling job gets done exactly the way you want, in a timely manner and without going over budget.

4.    Ask For References. This is a big one. Always ask for references so you can learn about how a remodeling contractor has treated clients in the past. Ask these clients how well the remodeling contractor communicated with them during their job, and if they ended up getting exactly what they wanted. If you’re not getting a good answer to these questions, it’s time to find another contractor.

Behind the Curtain

To avoid being scammed by a sub-par contractor, be sure to conduct your due diligence before signing on the dotted line. In addition, we urge you to ask lots of questions, read customer reviews and always request references.

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