How a Unified Architecture and Design Team Work Together in Phoenix Full Home Remodeling

Phoenix Whole Home Remodeling Republic West Remodeling 058When architects and designers collaborate on your home remodel, it can result in a higher level of design innovation. When the architectural and designer support is ancillary to the contractor, it can also lead to much higher costs and miscommunication that slow the project. By working with a unified team where contractors, designers and architectural support are part of the same firm, you get a higher level of innovation and technical expertise. This often results in delivery of a better project outcome that follows a streamlined, cost-effective process.

One of the unique aspects of working with a unified team approach in Phoenix full home remodeling projects is that innovation can be maximized. This is due to the fact that the team already has a shorthand for working together on numerous projects. That enables them to be more creative in supporting you in finding the best solutions for your home. In most cases, this can result in ideas that you may not have considered.

Adding levels or home additions, significant interior floor plan changes as well as moving walls, windows, and doors among other major changes can often mean major design adjustments. With separate architectural, design, and contractor support, this can increase the costs of the project before the actual construction process of a full home remodel. Things can get even more bogged down when changes may be required after the build process has begun.

With a unified team working as part of an experienced contractor firm, these changes can be minimized and dealt with efficiently to improve the design without increasing the cost in most cases. The ability for the whole team to have the same understanding of the architecture of the home enables updates to progress with a clear vision of attention to form, scale and proportions.

This unified team can make the Phoenix full home remodeling process much less stressful for the homeowner as they have no worries about translation of plans with a single contact for the project. Equally important is the fact that the onsite construction team and supervisors also have a clear understanding of the needs and desires of the homeowner when and if changes are made during the process. The goal of a unified team is to transform your home into a space with both functionality and visual appeal, thoughtfully designed to enhance your lifestyle.

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