5 Design Considerations for Complete Home Remodeling Projects in Phoenix

phoenix house remodelingComplete home remodeling projects always bring a lot of decisions as well as a lot of excitement. Although considerations for exterior and interior design changes are guided by both your budget and your taste, there are some that should provide a framework that guides your choices beyond cost and taste. Here are just five of those design considerations that should be a part of any complete home remodeling project in Phoenix.

  1. Where to Use Trendy Styles and Enduring Styles

While we’ve talked about avoiding short-term trends and opting for enduring trends, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some elements of the former. Using trendy elements in fabrics, wall colors, and fixtures can help to put an eclectic stamp on your home remodel without locking you in to architectural design choices that can limit your future options.

  1. When to Stay True to the Home’s Original Architectural Style

Some architectural styles are so engrained in every facet of the home that it shouldn’t be ignored in a Phoenix or Scottsdale complete home remodeling project. Other times, architectural styles can be more malleable to major design alterations regardless of your chosen style. All in all, it’s best to work closely with an experienced architectural, design and contracting team to ensure that your dream elements can be incorporated in ways that enhance the whole house design and function.

  1. Understand the Workflow

Pesky problems such as tight spaces, troublesome doorways, and lack of access are common symptoms of design challenges. Understanding how you plan to use the space is the first step in defining the design and recommended changes.

  1. Know When and Where to Make Storage Visible or Hidden

While storage should always be a prime consideration in projects involving complete home remodeling in Phoenix, it doesn’t always have to be obvious storage. A mix of hidden doors and shelving enclosures mixed with open and obvious storage spaces can help to open up the design possibilities in exciting ways.

  1. Consider Elements of Nature and Natural Light

There are many ways to bring the outdoors indoors to introduce elements of the natural surroundings. Windows are certainly a prime element to that pursuit, but it’s important to consider how large windows will affect the indoor climate here in the valley of the sun. Placement can be very crucial as well as the type of window and how it can temper the influx of heat and light.

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