Choice of Materials Says It All in Custom Home Remodeling

Choice of Materials Says It All in Custom Home RemodelingWith custom home remodeling, the choices in materials can either advance the look of the home or make it seem disjointed. That’s why it’s important to balance trends with choices that make long-term sense. When we look at some of the trends that will live beyond 2016, we can see a number of choices that can make a custom home remodel cohesive yet unique depending on how and where they are applied.

Natural Minerals like quartz and granite seem to never go out of vogue, but it’s important to consider their drawbacks as well as their benefits when using them in custom home remodeling projects. Strength, upkeep and variance in the material should be considered because what would be considered strength in one use may be a weakness in another.

Unfinished walls that utilize rustic woods or concrete span the most contemporary designs to the most rustic and are often used to bring the two eras together. Custom homes throughout greater Phoenix use these elements to particularly stunning effect. Concrete walls and floors whether polished or rough can be both beautiful and practical in this hot climate by decreasing the heat buildup and increasing the efficiency of central air conditioning systems.

Mixed metals utilized throughout spaces in the home such as silver, brass, gold and copper can bring a touch of elegance and/or rustic charm. Other metals such as wrought iron, steel, nickel and zinc among others can be used to the same ends.

Today, the use of these metals in ornamental as well as structural/architectural elements can bring a sleek or industrial contemporary look depending on where how and what metals are used. Black steel and glass doors and windows can enhance an industrial, modern, rustic or elegant feel with clean lines that frame views depending on how they are configured and used.

Seamless floor to ceiling tile treatments in bathrooms and kitchens bring a clean elegance to these spaces. An endless array of sizes colors and patterns can create a wholly unique look with pops of color and pattern in a space. The size of the bathroom and the windows are crucial elements to keep the design from looking clinical or otherworldly regardless of the tile size, color or pattern.

Engineered lumber can be used to create wide open spans rather than having a load bearing wall. While these can be used in contemporary home designs, they can also be used in all types of custom home remodeling projects where an open concept is desired without any posts or other obstructions.

Made from wood veneers and particles, glues, and resins engineered lumber is used to create large structural elements for supporting heavy loads without sagging. The two prominent types are known as laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and I-joists.

LVLs are most often used for door and window headers, stair, ridge beams, cantilevered roof supports, and other carrying beams. I-joists are used for joists and rafters, because they’re lighter than sawn lumber and able to span greater distances. And unlike lumber, they can take large holes for plumbing and ductwork without compromising strength. Because they have the ability to span long, open spaces, these engineered lumber solutions can mean higher ceilings and longer unbroken spans that eliminate the need for posts or load bearing walls.

While these custom home remodeling solutions can impact budgets, their judicious use in the design can transform homes in profound ways that bring true ROI in resale value as well as immeasurable ROI in terms of lifestyle experiences. At Republic West Remodeling, we have the construction and craftsmanship as well as the design experience to help you incorporate these and other elements in your custom home remodeling project in unique ways that fit your vision, lifestyle and budget.

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