Siding 101

Siding 101Selecting the right siding for your house can be a delicate balancing act between aesthetics, durability, cost and upkeep.

A wide range of residential siding materials are available to homeowners hoping to improve the appearance and overall performance of their home. However, because of this endless number of options, making a final decision can be challenging for some people.

At Republic West Remodeling, we recommend researching several siding options when it comes to determining which materials are worth a second glance.

Along with suggestions from HomeAdvisor pros, here’s a quick guide to selecting the best siding for your house:

Low Cost Siding Materials


Popular for decades, vinyl is by far one of the most resilient siding alternatives. Some cheaper vinyl siding might become brittle in cold weather and fade in direct sunlight. So if you’re looking for a low- or no-maintenance alternative, invest in a higher quality vinyl.


An extremely affordable option, aluminum siding often requires more upkeep than vinyl, yet it looks almost the same. If you plan on replacing your aluminum siding with a different material, be sure to note that certain locations will accept and recycle your old aluminum siding.

Moderate Cost Siding Materials


One of the oldest and most attractive siding materials on the market, wood siding is easy to work with and beautiful to look at. However, wood siding often requires regular and expensive upkeep.

Fiber-cement siding

A great balance of performance and affordability, fiber-cement is a popular choice thanks to its ability to weather extreme conditions and hold paint jobs for long periods of time.


Known to age well, stucco is quite affordable. However, because of the availability of other more modern siding materials, some neighborhoods view stucco as outdated. Before adding it to your home, check that the addition will not negatively affect the value of your home.

High-End Siding Materials


One of the most well-regarded, traditional home siding products on the market, brick looks great, holds up pretty much indefinitely and gives any home a solid, “classic” feel. The biggest drawback: brick can be pricey. So if you love the brick look, yet don’t want to spend a ton of money, look into partial brick siding or brick veneer. These are great options that provide a similar look, without the substantial price tag.


When it comes to durability and performance, industry experts often refer to stone as the “end-all-be-all”. While some steer clear from the statement associated with this material, stone lasts hundreds of years. Similar to brick, some homeowners and builders realize that opting for a veneer, or using an alternative siding material on just a part of their home, can make stone siding an affordable option.

At Republic West Remodeling, we provide Phoenix home remodeling contractors that can help you create your dream home. We believe it’s important to choose the right outdoor design and remodel professional because selecting the wrong one can lead to wasting precious time and money, suffering extreme frustration and having a terrible overall experience.

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