Late Summer Project Ideas

Late Summer Project IdeasLet’s face it: some home remodeling projects are simply best done in the summer months.

In fact, tackling many major home improvement projects during the hotter months can reduce massive inconvenience to you, your family (and sometimes even your neighbors!).

While summertime is when a lot of attention moves outdoors, this does not mean all summer home improvements need to be limited to the patio. Here are a few home remodeling project ideas perfect for late summer.

Focus On the Windows

When the dog days of summer hit, the next best thing to being outside is looking out, from the inside. There’s truly nothing like a great summer storm through a large picture window.

Make sure to check the paint, glaze and putty on older windows and inspect for signs of rot. Consider replacing any windows that show significant signs of wear and tear. Check seals and caulking around frames on newer windows.

Shade, Shade, Shade

A super-hot summer can leave patio and grilling areas neglected. Think about using the summer months to plant new trees in strategic places that will afford you some great natural shade down the road.

In the meantime, look into other ways to get shade this summer. For example, covered porches, patio umbrellas pergolas can help make cooler, stylish living spaces.

Check Exterior Paint

Take a walk around your house, and look for peeling, chipping, or any signs of mold or algae. A good coat of paint can protect and extend the life of your siding.


In certain parts of the country, freeze and thaw cycles can expand cracks in driveways. Fill any new cracks and apply seal coating to extend the life of your driveway. Summer also is the time to tackle any work on walkways on your property.

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