An Empty Nest is the Perfect Time for Home Remodeling in Phoenix

An Empty Nest is the Perfect Time for Home Remodeling in PhoenixNow that the kids have left the nest, it’s a perfect time for home remodeling in Phoenix to create the environment just for you. Here are some home remodeling ideas for empty nesters, to make use of new-found space and increase your home’s resale value.

An empty nest is about more than just a spare bedroom or basement; the entire house is now open to you and your spouse to live as you like, maybe for the first time in your adult life. Common rooms, the kitchen, basements, and bathrooms are all in play now for remodeling that makes them ideal for your new lifestyle without kids. Not only does this provide an opportunity for a facelift due to the wear and tear of high traffic, it is an ideal time to consider opening up the floor plan by removing walls to reinvent your home’s interior.

Remember that an empty room can be the launch pad for a complete rethinking of your home’s space. And finding new purpose for the kids’ room doesn’t have to preclude using it for occasional house guests. Extra bedrooms can become a guest bedroom and a place for kids to visit (occasionally).

If you’re more ambitious and the layout of the bedrooms will accommodate it, the kids’ bedroom can be absorbed into your own to create a stunning master suite. Depending on the size of the vacated bedroom, you can take part of the space for the master and still have enough space for a dedicated office/spare bedroom.

Keep in mind that an office doesn’t have to be used for business as it makes a perfect retreat for reading, writing or going online without distractions. It’s a practical space for your desktop computer, bookshelves, file cabinets and other furnishings that don’t fit in family rooms or living rooms. The addition of custom millwork, cabinets and counters can add a level of distinction that enables you to engage in a variety of activities/hobbies in comfort and style.

Creating a master suite can also mean absorbing one of the bathrooms to create the perfect ensuite. Things like creating a spa-like bathroom, extra closets, sitting areas and more are on the table now. You now have the space to turn that extra room (or rooms) into a home gym, yoga studio or cardio workout room.

Depending on the layout of your home as well as available space, budget and desire, you can create that home theatre you’ve always wanted. How about a man cave or a dedicated recreation room to entertain you and your guest? Built in cabinetry, game tables and added features such as a wet bar can add to your enjoyment.

A so called “empty nest” can be a bittersweet time in your life, but it can also be an exciting time that provides you with a blank canvass on which to draw your new lifestyle. Empty nest home remodeling in Phoenix is a chance to make use of your square footage to make your space more livable. Suddenly your empty nest is full of all the potential and all the enjoyment you can bring with a thoughtful approach to home remodeling.

At Republic West Remodeling, we’re the ideal partner to help you create and fulfill that vision for how your home can be dedicated to your needs and desires for a new and exciting start.

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