Interior Painting 101

Interior Painting 101There’s no doubt about it: Taking on painting projects on your own can save both time and money. Yet, at Republic West Remodeling, we believe hiring a painting professional is often the best option to guarantee professional, cost-effective results.

The following points highlight why we think homeowners need to hire a pro when it comes to interior painting projects:

Hiring a Professional

Sure, you can tackle your own paint jobs, but you might want to consider hiring a professional to handle the project for you. Why?

For starters, a pro can usually complete a paint job much faster than you might be able to, saving you from wasting precious weekends painting (and making a mess). And a professional painter also can complete the job to your specific standards.

Finally, while you may have to spend a little more money hiring a professional painter, you won’t have to separately pay for all of the required paint and supplies necessary for the job. This makes the project more affordable than you may originally realize.

How Often Should You Re-Paint?

There is no hard-and-fast rule stating how often you should re-paint a room. And given how durable interior paint has become in recent years thanks to advances in technology, some homeowners are only choosing to paint when they want to switch up a color scheme or transform a room.

How to Pick the Right Paint

If you’re freshening up existing paint in a room with more of the same color, the decision is quite simple when it comes to picking the right paint.

But it can get trickier if you’re going for a new look. First, take your time to carefully pick the new color(s). Remember, the room you’re painting will play a large part in the color you ultimately choose.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Always paint small spaces with lighter colors to avoid creating a confining feeling.
  • Pick soft, cool tones for rooms where you want to create a sense of relaxation.
  • For kitchens, try something bright to exude positive energy.
  • Consider painting common areas of your home with bold accent walls.
  • If you’re planning on selling your home sometime in the near future, select neutral colors to allow for more flexibility.

Keep in mind: the paint finish you select depends largely on the room you’re painting. For example, some professionals suggest a matte (no sheen) or satin (very little sheen) finish for low-traffic rooms, including bedrooms and hallways. And when it comes to living rooms, kitchens or other high-traffic areas, they suggest a gloss or semi-gloss.

Additional Color Ideas

One of the best ways to use color to transform a room is to play up existing architectural features. Industry experts and designers suggest taking advantage of molding, mantels, built-in bookcases, arched doorways, wainscot, windows and doors – all areas that offer an opportunity to add another layer of interest to painted walls.

Finally, consider the ceiling of a room as the fifth wall. While sticking to “ceiling white” typically makes a space feel airier, a similar effect can be achieved by painting the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color. How is this done? Simply take the paint sample card that features your wall color as the middle choice, then go one or two options lighter for the ceiling color. The final result will be a room that appears much larger, as the contrast between wall color and ceiling color has been softened.

We realize the prospect of undertaking any type of home remodeling project, including interior painting, can be intimidating. You may fear that it will be a stressful experience, but we want to reassure you that at Republic West Remodeling, we aim to make this as pleasant and stress-free as possible. We provide a wide range of services related to house renovation in Scottsdale. Contact us today for details.

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