Alternative Flooring Ideas to Kick It Up a Notch

Cork FlooringDoes the thought of installing traditional, commonplace hardwood floors in your home make you feel blah or just so-so?

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for an update, here are several trendy, alternative floor solutions that can give any room in your house a fresh sense of style and character:


Similar to wood flooring, bamboo imparts a Zen flair that adds a sense of tranquility to a room. Often more moisture-resistant and hard-wearing than wood, bamboo is a durable, natural flooring that’s sustainably grown. It comes in quite a variety of styles. For example, a higher-contrast grain and stain can create an exotic look, for an effect that is playful and energetic. Or, if you like the look of walnut or zebrawood, bamboo can exude these vibes with a stronger surface (and without cutting down any rare trees).

It’s important to note that the stains and adhesives involved in bamboo flooring can off-gas with an unpleasant odor, so for those homeowners sensitive to chemicals, you may want to avoid the area immediately following an installation.


Typically associated with commercial interiors, rubber flooring can also be a sleek and smart solution for today’s homes. Extremely comfortable to stand on, rubber is easy to clean and durable enough to take on lots of mess and abuse.

This material is great for an entryway, a mudroom or even a laundry room. And from a style perspective, rubber gives a room a hint of an industrial, modern edge, but is available in warm, muted tones that still makes it inviting.

A rubber floor is a cook’s dream, as it cushions your feet while standing. Additionally, the textural surface reduces slipping hazards from spills and is very kid-friendly.


This material may bring about visions of cold, minimalist architecture, but it can actually come in many forms to suit a wide range of tastes and personalities. Like wood, concrete can be stained or tinted, allowing it to beautifully suits transitional or traditional spaces.

Why concrete? First, the material can handle the wear and tear it of pets, children and sharp heels. Note: concrete does not retain heat well, and thus can be chilly without a heated floor system, but extremely cozy with one installed.

For an added gloss effect, concrete is sometimes finished with a coat of resin. This gallery-like look often comes with a gallery price tag, but for those who are striving for a more modern atmosphere, this polished look may be the answer.


Like bamboo, cork can be developed very sustainably, making many of its products a smart choice for those hoping to reduce their environmental impact.

When it comes to cork flooring, the finish is very important to determining how water-resistant the product will be. Nevertheless, cork has a natural “springiness” that makes it feel comfortable  and makes it resistant to dents. Furthermore, it has a unique visual texture that’s similar to wood’s, yet with a twist.

Cork flooring works beautifully for sleek, modern spaces, as it has a natural softness that gives it a simple vibe. Keep in mind that some products may require an additional sealant to hold up to moisture and possible stains.

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