Remodeling Your Dream Home: Questions to Ask a Prospective Contractor

Dream Home RemodelerIt’s no secret that many homeowners today often have concerns when it comes to hiring home improvement contractors. Some are worried about paying too much. Some worry that they are hiring an unqualified professional. And others question the character of the individuals they are welcoming into their homes.

If you are planning to remodel your dream home, consider asking prospective remodeling contractors the following questions to help alleviate your potential concerns:

  • How long have you been working in the remodeling industry?
    Make sure he or she has a credible track record and successful work experience.
  • Are you licensed, insured and bonded?
    At a minimum, ensure that your professional is licensed and carries both worker’s comp and liability insurance. Did you know that bonding is not a universal requirement? Rather, it’s more like homeowner insurance that protects you in case of an incomplete job.
  • Will you guarantee your work in writing?
    While a verbal commitment is nice, it does not offer a guarantee that the contractor will actually stand behind his or her work. Create a written guarantee that states exactly what services and products are and are not covered throughout the process.
  • Will you share references?
    Online customer ratings and reviews can be a great resource, especially when combined with references from recent customers. Ask your prospective contractor to share a list of references. Note: Never hire professionals who can not offer references.
  • Who will manage my project?
    If the person you are talking to isn’t actually in charge of your job, insist on meeting the project manager to ensure that he or she meets your standards.
  • Can you provide a timeline and daily work schedule?
    We all know that construction scheduling is not always perfect. Orders can get delayed and weather can cause interruptions. However, an organized contractor can provide you with a work schedule that clearly outlines both an estimated start and end date.
  • Do I need to arrange for water or bathroom facilities during the remodel?
    Some contractors bring their own water, however, unless your job is a major remodel that requires bringing in a portable bathroom, there’s a pretty good chance the workers will need to use your facilities. If possible, dedicate a bathroom that your team of workers can use throughout the remodel process.
  • Will you sign a contract?
    Any worthwhile contractor will always supply a clear, carefully detailed written contract that defines the work to be performed, as well as the material, costs and completion time estimates associated with the job. Note: thorough contracts will also cover what will happen if a project becomes challenging or problematic.

With Republic West Remodeling, you can be assured that remodeling your dream home will be a dream come true throughout the entire process – from creative design to detailed planning to execution and construction.

Our Dream Assurance Plan™ is built on a vision – an idea. Our team of professionals at Republic West Remodeling has developed, through our years of experience and a passion for excellence, a custom remodeling process that strives to deliver a caring and respectful experience with a successful outcome for our clients.

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