Interior Paint Ideas That Create Calm

Interior Paint IdeasIf you are finding it difficult creating a new palette for your home’s interior paint colors, yet know you want your rooms to exude peace and a sense of calm, then you may be one step closer than you realize.

In fact, with the right hues and shades, your home can ooze peace and tranquility with a little research and some simple swipes of a paint brush (or two).

Colors of the Rainbow

Did you know that the color of a room can affect our mood, energy level and even our appetite?For example, while reds, oranges and yellows may make us feel more energetic or hungry, they don’t tend to offer a sense of serenity.

Here are a few color suggestions that can bring a sense of calm to your home:

  • Lighter, muted shades. In spite of what color you may be considering, it’s typically true that the darker tones and hues on the color strip create more energy and excitement. They can also make a room feel much smaller. If you are aiming for a tranquil feeling, it’s important to realize that lighter hues can produce a more calming effect.
  • If you’re one for following hot trends, then gray may be the color for you. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recently reported that the use of gray has become increasingly popular. Gray offers a sophisticated look that is crisp, clean and offers a sense of calm.
  • Shades of blue can remind us of both the water and the sky. After all, what’s more relaxing than the feeling of resting at beach, with the steady rhythm of the waves in the background. According to the Paint Quality Institute (PQI), blue is an optimum choice for bedrooms; however, experts believe it should not be used in dining rooms where it can suppress the appetite.
  • Because there is so much green in nature, it is often associated with tranquility and a natural state of being. Shades of green can bring a sense of calm to just about any room in the house. For bathrooms and living rooms, lighter hues often work best. And mid-toned greens are often perfect accents for kitchens and dining rooms.

While many homeowners tackle interior painting jobs themselves, there are many instances in which calling a professional to help is a better option. At Republic West Remodeling, we have a team of talented experts who have over 81 years of remodeling experience between them, and well in excess of 15,000 jobs completed – and they can provide you with the tips you need for home remodeling, or interior painting, in Scottsdale. Contact us today for more information.

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