Hot Trends in Flooring

Wood FlooringThanks to today’s cutting-edge technology, flooring materials have experienced a metamorphosis in recent years and the options are endless.

For instance, carpet choices are plusher, vinyl is more luxurious and wood is more rustic, with increasingly popular options emerging on a regular basis.

Here are some of the hottest floor trends we are observing right now:

Tiles Galore

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are no longer being used in the traditional, neutral shades of just beiges and tans. Striated patterns and arabesque shapes are hot right now. And the bigger the size of a tile, the better.

Glass is also extremely popular for tiled areas. With a wide range of options and sizes available, there are tiles that you can see straight through – frosted, muted, or even styles that have a crinkled, foil-type look.

And luxury vinyl can offer a ceramic tile look for a more affordable price tag. Customers can choose the typical 12” x 12” or 18” x 18” size, or the more popular and modern 12” x 24” size tiles.

Shades of Gray

Gray floors have become extremely popular in the U.S. over the last couple of years. The request for various gray shades range from muted to the dramatic. A brown/gray mix is also gaining attention. Options available include pre-finished gray floors or even site-finished floors, which truly customizes the final results for homeowners.

Hardwood Options

This year, we are seeing matte and satin finishes winning out over shiny, semi-gloss finishes. Additionally, wider planks are hot choices right now. They tend to give an open, more modern look to a space. Furthermore, they maintain a very rustic look and feel.

White wash floor trends are also making a comeback this year, yet in a more contemporary approach, particularly with a touch of gray or a wire-brushed finish.

And finally, ultra-blonde or natural hardwood is another popular look. The advantage with this option is that it can make spaces appear larger and more spacious, and give a more casual look and feel to a room.

Does Anyone Still Use Carpet? Yes!

Carpet is still very popular and the latest trend seems to be the “fleck” look. In fact, carpet that offers a multi-colored fleck not only gives more depth to a space, but it also hides common spills. As far as carpets go now, the softer, the better.

One innovative development in carpet in recent years is soil resistant technology. What does this mean? Any kind of spill on carpet is now easier to cleanup. In fact, most common spills simply ‘pill’ at the top of the carpet, making it incredibly easy to dab or blot right up.

Another hot trend in carpet right now is the “pattern” look. While patterned carpet used to be a big hit several decades ago, it is making a serious comeback. There are a wide range of patterns to choose from, including dots, diamonds, circles, anything geometric or floral, 3D type patterns and more. The color options are endless, and in many cases, homeowners can customize colors to match the décor of a specific room.

When it comes to home remodeling projects, our team of experts at Republic West Remodeling knows the design is in the details. Sometimes the smallest thing can transform a project from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are looking for a Scottsdale home remodeling company that can incorporated interesting details into your design project, contact us today!

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