Three Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Contractor

Scottsdale Remodeling ContractorAs a homeowner, it’s helpful to know the fundamentals of finding a home improvement contractor. From chatting with previous customers to getting several estimates, there are definitely a few methods you can take to successfully find the right professional for the job.

During your search, try to avoid these three common mistakes:

  1. Poor Communication

When dealing with Scottsdale remodeling and construction contractors, open communication is always key. As long as you find an honest professional, ask direct questions and clearly outline what you want and expect from the start can eliminate a large majority of problems down the road. Always put verbal communication in writing in order to protect yourself from dishonest or unreliable contractors.

  1. Waiting Until You Need a Contractor

This is one of the most common homeowner mistakes — waiting until a major appliance breaks down or massive plumbing problem occurs. In fact, not addressing these problems early on can lead to costly replacements in lieu of repairs. As soon as you experience problems, get someone out to your home to take a look. Never ignore a wet spot on your ceiling.

  1. Being Lured By Extremely Low or High Bids

Be wary of bids that are dramatically higher or lower than those of the local competition. One explanation for a high bid might be that a contractor is behind schedule, and isn’t necessarily looking to take on more work unless the profit margin is it worth it. Always question why one single bid is so much higher or lower than the others.

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