Proper Home Maintenance: Let’s Break It Down

Home MaintenanceJust like frequent oil changes for your car keep your engine happy and healthy, staying on top of regular home maintenance chores can keep you from future headaches and wasted money.

Without proper, regular home maintenance, smaller problems can go from being inexpensive to more expensive repairs and leave your home looking prematurely worn.

Routine care can help ensure the aesthetic look and overall durability of your home, and protect your investment for years after the house is built.

We know that it can be intimidating to think about these various tasks, especially if you’re a new homeowner. The following is our recommended maintenance checklist, highlighting both the systems and components of your home that should be checked on a regular basis.

In order to maximize your efficiency, you may want to consider creating a “home maintenance” calendar for yourself. Jot down small, regular tasks for each weekend to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Please note: not every professional agrees as to which task needs to be done in which season, so the list is not in black and white. The key is to do what works for you and your schedule:


  • Vacuum
  • Sweep
  • Clean Faucets
  • Clean Drains
  • Dust
  • Mop


  • Replace or clean your air conditioning unit’s filter for optimum working efficiency. Keep in mind: clogged filters can cause the HVAC unit to break down, leading to costly repairs or potential replacements.
  • Clean the blades and exit areas of your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal by tossing in a few ice cubes and running the unit to chop them up.


  • Inspect gutters for clogs at the beginning of spring and during the fall months. Also make sure your home’s downspouts are directing the water away from a home’s walls and foundation. If pointed towards the home, they can cause severe water damage to the siding, as well as the foundation and/or the basement.
  • Flush air conditioning units. Why is this necessary? For starters, when debris blocks this line, water can back up into the drain pan. This pan is very shallow and if it overflows, it could potentially cause water damage to your entire home.


  • Check around the exterior of your home for deteriorated caulking. Specific areas to check include the space between the siding and foundation, around vents, outlets and pipes, as well as trim and faucets. If you don’t check the caulking and reapply it consistently, the moisture can work its way behind wood trim or siding and cause mildew or eventual rotting.
  • Have your home’s carpets cleaned professionally.

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