Remodeling Ideas in Phoenix: Wallpaper

Remodeling Ideas WallpaperAfter fading from popularity several decades ago, wallpaper has been making a huge comeback on the design scene as of late. But it’s nothing like what you remember adorning your grandmother’s powder room.

Gone are the visible seams, tiny kitschy designs, coordinating borders and top-to-bottom paper in every room. Instead, today’s designers are using more contemporary patterns and styles to make bold statements.

In addition, wallpaper options are far more appealing these days than they were even a decade ago. The wallpaper trend of today involves covering only one wall as an accent in a room, or, completely wallpapering one room in an oversized print.

What’s Your Style?

Matte, textured papers featuring metallic are definitely hot right now for wallpaper. Graphic prints are also popular these days. For instance, stripes, simple intersecting lines or even Greek keys can all be visually interesting. Darker color choices are also big in wallpaper trends at the moment, a contrast to the light chintzes of yesteryear.

Wallpaper can also be a way of instantly texturing your walls. From high-end, woven seagrass to silk wall coverings and bead-board wallpaper that creates the look of wood, you can create just about any effect with today’s options. Why not try faux-snakeskin, leather or faux-marble?

The Investment

Today’s high-quality, seamless wallpapers are luxurious –and priced to match. While it is likely more expensive to purchase wallpaper than a few gallons of paint, installation is generally on par with hiring a professional to paint a room.

When it comes to making a bold statement, wallpaper can be the way to do it. The landscape of today’s wallpaper means designers are using the archaic wall covering in fresh, new ways.

If you are considering wallpaper, or any other remodeling ideas in Phoenix, visit Republic West Remodeling today.

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