Color Psychology: Choosing the Best Colors for Your Home

Choosing Color For Your HomeHeron Blue, Carolina Sky, Bluejay, Baby Blue Eyes, Blue Bouquet, Bridgewater. Which blue should you pick? With endless possibilities to choose from, selecting interior paint colors for your home can be an overwhelming process.

One way to narrow it down is to consider how you hope to feel when you come home after a long, busy day. For example, do you want to open your front door to a peaceful, calming oasis? Or perhaps you are longing for a space that makes you feel energized?

Most industry experts agree there’s a definite psychology behind paint colors – and the way you feel in your home can be dramatically affected by the way you personally respond to color.

Where Should You Start?

The easiest way to start thinking about color is by carefully observing a color wheel. The “warm” colors are on one half of the wheel, while their “cool” counterparts can be found on the other. Neutrals, like black, grey and white, do not appear on the color wheel, but will still register either warmth or coolness.

If you are striving for more of a serene setting these cool colors might be a good match:

  • Blue. One of the most calm and tranquil colors, blue is often used in rooms where you want to feel peaceful, restful and secure. It also can help you to concentrate.
  • Purple. Known for being mysterious and more intimate, this color expresses uniqueness and individuality.
  • Green. The most dominant color in nature, green creates a sense of balance and well-being.
  • White. This shade exudes simplicity and peacefulness. Yet, is so cool that it should be balanced with some type of color to feel more comfortable.

If you are hoping to use colors that invigorate, try warmer colors:

  • Red. Known as the fiery and passionate color, in the right dose, red can even seem cozy at times.
  • Orange. Orange is known to be the color of optimism and fun.
  • Yellow. Yellow can seem joyful and creative in rooms, and is often valued for its effects of cheerfulness.
  • Black. Always use black sparingly, as it can overwhelm. At times, black can be the warmest of all.

No matter which paint colors you decide on, hiring a professional to help during the planning stages can help ensure that your new walls will look good for years to come. For more information, contact the team at Republic West Remodeling for all the remodeling inspiration you need.

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