Southwestern Décor Ideas

Southwestern Décor Natural elements, curved shapes, subdued colors – these are all traditional hallmarks of Southwestern decor.

As you may be aware, the Southwestern “style” tends to reflect the surrounding environment and cultural heritage of Arizona and its surrounding states. Natural elements, and colors and accents inspired by the Spaniards, Mexicans and Native American Indians are distinctive of the style. Additionally, flat roofs, open floor plans and big courtyards and gardens are hallmarks of a Southwestern home.

Here are some other traditional Southwestern-style home features many remodeling companies in Phoenix aim to encompass as part of the design process:

  • Walls. A traditional Southwestern home is made from adobe; and the interior walls are roughly plastered over the adobe. Alternatives, like stucco, can also be used in its place. In many cases, hand-painted tiles add color and warmth to the plain walls, and are often used to decorate kitchen backsplashes or as individual accents throughout the house.
  • Flooring. Honey-colored terra cotta tiles are the most common flooring material used in Southwestern decorating. Homeowners can add visual interest by arranging them in a variety of layouts and patterns. Light wood flooring or parquet is also commonly used, along with natural-looking, wide planks. Native American Indian rugs are then scattered atop the floors throughout a home in traditional colors and patterns to brighten up the rooms.
  • Paint and colors. A large majority of Southwestern homes feature subdued colors that aim to reflect the region’s surrounding mesas. For example, earthy tones in shades of terra cotta, brown, beige and white are predominant in many homes, setting the stage for the bright pops of color showcased via Native American Indian–inspired textiles. The color azure is a powerful color with the Native Americans, and according to many designers, its supposed “powers” to ward off evil spirits make it a favorite color for exterior doors and windows in Arizona.
  • Furniture style and layout. When it comes to furnishing Arizona homes, minimalism is a distinct characteristic. Furniture tends to be simple and made from natural elements, like wood, leather and textiles. Southwestern-style rooms also feature a natural flow and feeling of space. As a result, furniture is often pulled away from the walls in order to focus on creating small groupings and make better use of the space.

A remodeling project – especially one that embraces all that the Southwest culture and environment have to offer – is a success only if the professionals hired to do the job are committed to delivering a top quality experience. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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