Hot Home Trends From 2015

Phoenix home remodeling trendsIf you’re thinking about remodeling your home about to break ground on a new home, or just curious about the latest and greatest in home design, here’s what we can share about the trends we’ve seen in 2015:

Smart Home Technology 

Smart home technology has been an attractive feature for many home remodelers and builders over the last year, with a big focus on programmable thermostats and even front door remote locking systems.

The smart technology trend also has extended into the kitchen. For example, new refrigerators available monitor and know when you are out of milk or other items. And many manufacturers have hopped onboard the customization and personalization train offering high-end kitchen appliances that feature built-in fresh food, freezer and wine columns that allow you to “place appliances around the home based on an individual’s specific wants and needs,” according to An added benefit: Many of these appliances can be finished in the color of your choice.

We’ve also seen an increase in personalization in bathrooms, such as digital showers, with a touchscreen interface that lets you control every aspect of your showering experience, including water temperature and intensity, steam treatment, lighting and even sound.

The Healthy Home

In some cases, home remodeling has become a priority for homeowners for health reasons over the last year.

Whether it’s better air filtration systems, non-off gassing finishes or no-formaldehyde cabinets, homeowners have started to realize the many added health benefits to the family by creating a healthier living space.

Popular Color

Gray has continued to occupy almost every aspect of home remodeling, replacing beige as the hot ‘go-to color.’ However, we are starting to see darker hues – like charcoal and black– starting to make an impact, as well.

Outdoor Living

This past year, homeowners have continued to work to make their outdoor living spaces an extension of the home. One example can be seen in the rise in popularity of open fire pit features, which nearly half of all millennials have in their outdoor space, according to a recent report from Better Homes & Gardens.

We’ve also seen a lot of building products become more readily available on the market that provide a seamless transition between indoors and out. For example, one type of multi-slide door can be up to 50-feet wide and 12-feet tall and comes with either pocket door panels that disappear into the wall or a stacked‐panel configuration.

With so many options today, home remodeling in Phoenix can often be overwhelming and stressful. Republic West Remodeling can take that stress out of kitchen and bath remodeling, cabinet refacing, window and door replacements and much more to add value and function to your everyday living space.

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